King Soopers reloadable gift cards make raising money for our school as easy as doing your grocery shopping! These cards can help raise funds for Creekside at no cost to you! There is no limit on the amount of money the Creekside community can earn!

Friends and family, even those in other states, can support Creekside. Cards bought through the Creekside PTCO can be distributed to anyone wishing to support our school, so pick up a few extra! Download the order form below. Fill it out and send it into school to receive your card(s). Cards cost $5 and come pre-loaded with $5.

How do I use the card?
Your card is preloaded with $5. PRIOR to checkout you reload your card, in a separate transaction, at the cash register or customer service desk. Please note: If you reload your card at the customer service desk there is approximately a 5-minute delay for your card to be processed so it is easier to simply hand your card to the clerk at the register before they scan your groceries. You can reload your card with any amount, up to $500, an unlimited number of times.

What method of payment do I use to reload the card?

You can pay for the reload any way you like, credit card, debit card, cash or check. You can continue to earn frequent flyer miles or reward points when using a rewards credit card for reloading.

What if I lose my card?

Each card has an ID# that keeps track of your balance. Record your ID# when you receive your card. If it is ever lost, the balance on the card can be retrieved from the computer, your old ID# retired and a new card issued with the balance from your lost card. Remember that the balance needs to be transferred to a card purchased through Creekside PTCO.

How do I check the balance on my King Soopers card?

There are four ways to check the balance: the bottom of your most recent receipt; online at; by calling 1-866-822-6252; or your cashier can check the balance.

What can be purchased with King Soopers reloadable cards?

Any merchandise in King Soopers and City Market stores including groceries, prescriptions, jewelry and gasoline. Services, such as Western Union, lottery tickets, gift cards, stamps, etc. are exempt.

• Cards with a zero balance for 90 days become inactive. If this happens you will need a new card.
• Only cards purchased through Creekside PTCO will be linked to our school for the 5% rebate.
• If a card gets demagnetized you will need to use the remaining balance on the card and then get a new card.
• Please feel free to share our program with family and friends, even those out of state.
• King Soopers cards are accepted at most Kroger affiliated stores including City Market, Loaf & Jug, Ralphs, Smith’s,
   Food 4 Less, Dillons, Foodco, QFC, Fred Meyer, Baker’s, Scott’s, Owen’s and Fry’s.

More questions? Contact us at
Creekside PTCO,
Dec 3, 2015, 10:55 AM