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Ph.D. Anthropology - University of California, Los Angeles 2012           

M.A. Anthropology - University of California, Los Angeles 2006

B.A. Anthropology and Psychology - University of California, Berkeley 2003


Assistant Professor in Anthropology - University of California, Davis. 2016 - present

Senior Research Scientist in Human Behavior, Ecology & Culture - Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. 2016 - 2017

Post-doctoral researcher in Human Evolutionary Biology -  Harvard University. 2015 - 2016

Post-doctoral researcher in Psychology -  University of British Columbia. 2015

Post-doctoral researcher in Population Health -  London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 2012 - 2014

Peer-reviewed Publications

Lang, M., Purzycki, B. G., Apicella, C., Atkinson, Q., Bolyanatz, A., Cohen, E., Kundtová Klocová, E., Handley, C., Lesorogol, C., Mathew, S., McNamara, R. A., Moya C.,Placek, C., Soler, M., Vardy, T., Weigel, J., Willard, A. K., Xygalatas, D., Norenzayan, A., & Henrich, J. (2019). Powerful Gods and Large-Scale Cooperation: A Study of Impersonal Prosociality across 15 Societies. Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Wertz A. & Moya, C. Pathways to cognitive design (2019) Behavioral Processes.

Mattison, S.*, Moya, C.*, Reynolds, A., Towner, M. Evolutionary Demography of Age at Last Birth: Synthesizing Approaches from Human Behavioral Ecology and Cultural Evolution (2018) Philosophical Transactions B.

Moya, C. & Boyd, R. (2016) The evolution and development of inferential reasoning about ethnic markers: Comparisons between urban US and rural highland Peru. Current Anthropology. 57(S13): S131-S144.

Moya C.*, Snopkowski, K.* & Sear, R. (2016) What do men want? Can men really benefit from higher fertility than what is optimal for women? Philosophical Transactions B. 371(1692):20150149.

Moya, C. & Henrich, J. (2016) Culture-gene co-evolutionary psychology: Cultural learning, language and ethnic psychologyCurrent Topics in Psychology. 8:112-118.

Moya, C., Boyd, R. and Henrich, J. (2015) Reasoning about cultural and genetic transmission: Developmental and cross-cultural evidence from Peru, Fiji and the US. Topics in Cognitive Science. 7(4):595-610.

Moya, C. and Boyd, R. (2015) Different selection pressures give rise to distinct ethnic phenomena: A functionalist framework with illustrations from the Peruvian Altiplano. Human Nature. 26(1)
Moya, C. & Scelza, B. (2015) The effect of recent ethnogenesis and migration histories on perceptions of ethnic group stability. Journal of Cognition and Culture. 15: 135-177


Moya, C. & Sear, R. (2014) Intergenerational conflicts may help explain parental absence effects on reproductive timing: A model of age at first birth in humans. Peer J. 2:e512.
Snopkowski, K., Moya, C., and Sear, R. (2014) A test of the intergenerational conflict model in Indonesia shows no evidence of earlier menopause in female-dispersing groups Proceedings of the Royal Society: B. 281: 20140580.

Moya, C. (2013) Evolved priors for ethnolinguistic categorization: A case study from the Quechua-Aymara boundary in the Peruvian Altiplano. Evolution and Human Behavior. 34:265-272.

Perreault, C., Moya, C. and Boyd, R. (2012) A Bayesian approach to the evolution of social learning. Evolution and Human Behavior. 33:449-459. [LINK]

Other Publications 

Moya, C. (2016) Why chimpanzees don't stereotype, we do, and whales might. This View of Life.

Fessler, D.M.T. and Moya, C. (2009) Crying. In: The Oxford Companion to the Affective Sciences, Klaus Scherer and David Sander, Eds.

Moya, C. (2009) Review of People of the Volcano: Andean Counterpoint in the Colca Valley of PeruThe Historian. 71: 102-3. [PDF]  [LINK]


Moya, C., Fessler, D., Henrich, J., Zhao, W., Barrett, C., Bolyanatz, A., Davis, H., Gurven, M., Kanovsky, M., Kushnick, G., Pisor, A., Scelza, B., von Rueden, C., Laurence, S. Norm enforcement in small-scale societies depends on coordinated third party responses and pre-existing relationships

Moya, C. & Boyd, R. Whence ethnic psychology? An evolutionary functionalist reframing of the debate. [PDF]  

Moya, C., Goodman, A., Koupil, I. & Sear, R. Historical context affects pathways of parental influence on reproductive timing: An empirical test from 20th century Sweden.

Moya, C., Goodman, A., Koupil, I. & Sear, R. A data-driven approach to sensitive developmental periods reveals the timing of susceptibility to parental absences depends on life history outcome and gender.

Moya, C. & Sear, R. A theoretical framework for parsing mechanisms of kin influence on reproductive outcomes.

Moya, C., Borgerhoff Mulder, M. Colleran, H., Gerkey, D., Gibson, M., Gurven, M., Henrich, J., Hooper, P., Kaplan, H., Kline, M., Koster, J., Kramer, K., Leonetti, D., Mattison, S., Nath, D., Sanders, C., Scelza, B., Shenk, M., Snopkowski, K., Stieglitz, J., Towner, M., von Rueden, C., Ziker, J., Sear, R. Intergenerational conflict may explain why parents delay the onset of their children’s reproduction: a cross-cultural analysis. (under revision) Proceedings of the Royal Society: B


*authors contributed equally


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