Cristina Moya

Lecturer in Psychology

Centre for Culture & Evolution

Brunel University

Assistant Professor: Anthropology Dept.

UC Davis

I am an evolutionary anthropologist interested in human adaptations to culturally-structured worlds.

Intergroup relations

Do humans have psychological adaptations for thinking about ethnic social categories? I conduct cross-cultural and developmental research in the United States and among agro-pastoralists in the Peruvian altiplano along the Quechua-Aymara linguistic border to address this question. Here's a popular article and a talk about some of this work.

Cultural effects on reproduction

Why and how do family members affect fertility across space and time? I use demographic methods and modelling to understand social influences on reproductive decisions and how these can give rise to puzzling phenomena such as the demographic transition, below replacement fertility, and cross-site variation in life history decisions.

Adoption of religious rituals

Why do people adopt new religious beliefs? Why do others resist? Why do some pilgrimage sites become popular while others disappear? I am studying the emergence and spread of a new religious ritual site in the Peruvian Altiplano to understand social transmission in humans, and our motivations for engaging in seemingly non-functional behaviors.