Cristina Moya

Assistant Professor
Anthropology Department
UC Davis
I am an evolutionary anthropologist interested in humans’ adaptations to culturally-structured worlds. My two primary lines of research are:

• Social cognition and intergroup relations

Specifically, I examine humans’ psychological adaptations for processing ethnic social categories using cross-cultural and developmental research in the United States and among agro-pastoralists in the Peruvian altiplano along the Quechua-Aymara linguistic border. Here's a lay piece and here are some virtual talks I recently gave about some of this work.

• Cross-cultural variation in social effects on reproduction

I examine why and how family members affect fertility outcomes across space and time. I also work on why social learning processes influence reproductive decision-making so much and how this can give rise to puzzling phenomena such as the demographic transition, below replacement fertility, and cross-site variation in life history decisions