Note : If you see dll load error on launching the Keyhac, please install the Visual Studio 2015 runtime package from this Microsoft page.

Note : Keyhac is not signed by the Developer ID. Please refer this Apple's page, and avoid the Gatekeeper security check.

About this software

This software is an application to customize your keyboard operations using Python script language.

Using this software, you can customize the behavior of various applications flexibly.


    • Customize the keyboard input.
    • Describe the configuration file in Python script language.
    • Can replace key input with different key input.
    • Can execute any actions described in Python, on key input.
    • Can define different keymaps for each application.
    • Resident in tasktray.
    • Can move windows by keyboard.
    • Can activate windows by keyboard.
    • Can operate mouse pointer by keyboard. (Mac version doesn't support yet)
    • Can launch applications.
    • Can define modifier keys additionally.
    • Can define "One shot modifier"
    • Has clipboard history feature.
    • Can record and replay keyboard macros

Supported environments

  • Windows 10 ( 32bit / 64bit )
  • Mac OS 10.6 or higher


Tasktray icon

Console window for internal behavior monitoring

Clipboard history list

Configuration file (written in Python script)