Our Mission

The heart and soul of The Church of Yeshua Ha Mashiach, is to introduce and connect people with the living God. As a local church, we are teaching the gospel of the kingdom and training a new generation of believers how to live and walk in the authority that God has given each of us.

Our mission is to reach people and admonish them to an act of repentance. Knowing that sincere repentance leads to a changed life.

Here are Seven Laws of Repentence that can help our congregation in the change of their life:
  • Always distinguish itself from regret. Reordering our lives.
  • Always mean more then just saying I am sorry.
  • Always arise out of Brokeness.
  • Repentance recognizes your sin against God.
  • Repentance never attempts to dictate against restitution.
  • Repentence never retaliates.
  • Repentance is real only when subsequent change is inevitable.