African Ministry

Congregation Beit Ha Mashiach

Kenya-Kissi County

Church Information:

Pastor: Elder Mongare

Members: 50 (including 30 orphans and 9 widows)

Native Language: Ekegusii


Religion: The vast majority of Kenyans are Christians (83%)


Education: Children aged 3 - 5 attend nursery school or kindergarten in private schools because there is no government policy regarding this age group. Basic formal education starts at age six and lasts 12 years comprising 8 years in primary school and 4 years in secondary/high school. Primary school is free and those who exit at this level can join a vocational youth/village polytechnic program. Those who complete high school can proceed directly to the university. The country's literacy level for the whole population is 85%.


Cuisine: Kenyans generally have 3 meals a day- breakfast (kiamsha kinywa) which usually is tea or porridge with bread (chapati, mahamri) boiled potatoes or yams. Lunch is in the afternoon (chakula cha mchana). It usually consists of ugali with vegetables, sour milk, meat, fish or any other stew. This meal is eaten both for lunch and supper (chakula cha jioni). In between they have 10'oclock tea (chai ya saa nne) and 4'oclock p.m. tea (chai ya saa kumi).


Climate: Kenya has a warm and humid climate along its coastline on the Indian Ocean. The climate changes to wildlife-rich savannah grasslandss moving inland towards capital. Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya having a cool climate that gets colder approaching Mount Kenya which has three permanently snow-capped peaks.

Although Kenya is the biggest and most advanced economy in east and central Africa, it is still a poor developing country. But almost half of Kenyans live in poverty.

Mission Work

25 ESV bibles mailed

3 Children's storybook bibles mailed

2 packages of mints mailed



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