Parking Policies

January 2008

  • Each unit is entitled to one (1) parking space, so numbered and located, on the premises.
  • Parking is PROHIBITED in all areas not designated with lines and identification.
  • All owners and renters MUST register license plate numbers of any vehicles with the office. Owners with rented vehicles must do likewise each time they rent a different vehicle.
  • Only licensed vehicles may occupy a parking space. No vehicles may be parked with any extrusions attached of greater length or width than the vehicle.

“Guest” Parking Spots:

There are limited guest parking spots located throughout the property. These spots are to be used strictly for temporary “guest” parking; they are not to be used as a permanent parking space for a second family car, storage for car/s while off island, or any other long-term use.


When on island, owners will park solely in their assigned, numbered parking spots. Those with second cars, may use available “guest” spots only for temporary (overnight, weekend) parking. Owners will need to seek other arrangements for their second vehicle when they plan any extended off-island trips.

Emergency Access:

Any vehicle parked in an area that would block access by an emergency vehicle (ambulance, fire truck) will be TOWED IMMEDIATELY AND AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE. The turnarounds must be kept cleared.