Security Gate FAQs

1. How do visitors contact me to get in the gate?

From the gate pad, the visitor scrolls to your name then presses the CALL button. When you answer the phone, press 9 and the gate will open. The process is the same when they exit. Neither your unit number or phone number are visible to the visitor.

2. Can visitors call from their cell phones?

No. The gate only responds to the phone numbers that have been programmed.

3. Can visitors call my 3-digit phone code?

Yes, Your 3 digit phone code, when dialed from the gate keypad, will ring to your phone. Press 9 on your phone to let them in.

4. What if I’m not home or forgot my card/clicker?

One suggestion is to use a second phone number. We can program a second phone number such as your cell or your Rental agent. Then you or your guest would scroll for or call the 3 digit code from the keypad, you would answer, press 9 on the designated phone-number and activate the gate.

5. How do I get a second number?

Call the office and we will program your second number.

6. How close does my card need to be to the card-reader?

Your card needs to be within 1/2 inch of the card reader.

7. How does the remote (clicker) button operate?

You must hold the button for at least 2 seconds. Point the clicker toward the guard-house.

8. What if an emergency vehicle (fire, ambulance, police) is called?

The gate is programmed to respond to emergency vehicles and will automatically open.

9. What happens if there is a power outage?

The gate will automatically open when there is a power outage.

10. Sometimes I see the gate open and no one is around!

Don’t be alarmed. When the office computer and the gate are communicating, the gate opens until the information has been transmitted. Data is sent to program cards, clickers, and run reports. This can take from 5 to 15 minutes.

11. How is the 3-digit phone code assigned?

The 3-digit code is computer generated. It will not coincide with your unit number.

12. Will the gate clear the front of my car when I’m at the keypad?

From the keypad there is no reason to back-up. The gate will clear your vehicle. Full extension of the gate takes 18 seconds. Do not drive toward the center of the gates as this may cause a head-on collision with in-coming traffic.

13. What if I have renters?

We realize renting can create unique situations. Please call the office to obtain procedures for renters.