Night Sky Photographs

Views from the Cosmic Campground IDSS

M83 Southern Pinwheel [John Myers]

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The Milky Way Rising over The Gila Wilderness at the Cosmic Campground is truly awesome.  
[David Thornburg]

Setting Milky Way [David Thornburg]
M106 and Friends in the Constellation Canes Venatici 23.7 million light years from us. 
[Rich Richins]

Whirlpool Galaxy M51 about 23 million light years from Earth in the Constellation Canes Venatici. 
[Rich Richins]

Bode's Galaxy M81in the Constellation Ursa Major.
 [Rich Richins]

Blue Horse Head [Rich Richins]

Lynds Bright Nebula 991 [Dan Crowson]
Van den Bergh 156d [Dan Crowson]
Andromeda Area [Dan Crowson]
Partial Solar Eclipse [Dan Crowson]