Brice Corgnet

     "As I gradually learned, the action – all the learning and understanding – occurs in the pursuit of knowledge. 
The questions actually multiply faster than the answers, and that is the charm of education as a search process."   Vernon Smith
Research Associate, Economic Science Institute
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Research Website at IDEAS.

Research Interests:
Organizational & Labor Economics: incentive theory, intrinsic motivation and personnel economics.
Cognitive & Behavioral Economics: reciprocity models, self-serving biases, cognitive reflection.
Behavioral & Corporate Finance: experimental asset markets, information aggregation, market efficiency, financial literacy, bubbles and cognitive finance.
Experimental Methods: virtual firms and cloud-based experiments.

Bio: Assistant Professor of Finance and Research Associate. Dr. Corgnet investigates questions related to Organizational & Labor Economics, Behavioral Finance and Cognitive Economics. He is also developing a computer software (starting Dec. 2008) for the realization of research experiments as well as for teaching in disciplines ranging from Corporate Finance to Organizational Economics. Recently, Dr. Corgnet has published in international journals including Economic Journal, Management Science, Review of Finance, Games and Economics Behavior, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organizations, Economic Inquiry and Journal of Economic and Management Strategy.