Virtual Organizations

We propose a novel approach to the analysis of organizations by developing a computerized platform that reproduces relevant features of existing organizations such as real-effort tasks, real-leisure alternative activities (Internet), chatting, influence activities, contract design and real-time monitoring.
This work builds on earlier research on real-effort labor experiments by David Dickinson (1999) (here) and van Dijk, Sonnemans and van Winden (2011) (here). The development of this platform responds to the call of organizational economists for 
richer, more complex─and therefore often more informative and realistic─experiments on organizations (Camerer & Weber, 2012). 
With Camerer and Weber, we believe that developing a laboratory environments that reproduce more closely important features of field settings while maintaining strict control over treatment variables is a crucial step in overcoming the usual critique of laboratory experiments: “There is a widespread view that the lab produces “unrealistic” data which lacks relevance for understanding the real world.” (Falk & Heckman, 2009).

The Virtual Organizations website is here

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