About Me

My name is David Colaço.  
My last name also appears as Colaco (without the cedilla).

I am PhD Candidate at the University of Pittsburgh in the department of History and Philosophy of Science. 

I am a graduate member of the Center for Neural Basis of Cognition.

My research is on the epistemology and ethics of scientific practice, with a focus on the fields of neuroscience and psychology.

In my dissertation, I investigate scientific phenomena, their representation, and and their role in scientific inquiry. Philosophers and scientists often appeal to phenomena when making type-level scientific claims, and many contemporary accounts of explanation, modeling, and intervention in the philosophy of science take phenomena to be their targets. Given the importance of phenomena for these accounts, I am interested in what these phenomena are, what it means to accept a representation of one of these phenomena, and how these representations are developed. 

I am also the co-creator and current host of Let's go the Archives, a series on pieces in the Archives of Scientific Philosophy at Pitt's Hillman Library. The series can be found here on the Center for Philosophy of Science YouTube Page.