Plant fact sheets

Here you will find fact sheets from the USDA and links to other important information for each species that we grow. If you wish to purchase plants for a restoration project please look at this list of vendors developed by the Plant Materials Center in Golden Meadow, LA. Additional technical information related to plants can be found here:

Species can be grouped into:

1. Saltmarsh plants
 1a Grasses - Spartina alternifora, Spartina patens, Spartina spartinae, Spartina cynosuroides, Distichlis spicata,
 1b Rushes - Juncus roemerianus
 1c Sedges - Schoenoplectus americanus (=Scirpus olneyi), Schoenoplectus robustus
 1d Bushes/Shrubs - Borrichia frutescens, Hibiscus moscheutos

2. Beach and Dune plants
 2a Grasses - Panicum amarum (var amarum), Uniola paniculata
 2b Convulaceae - Ipomoea imperati

3. Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV)
 3a Marine species - Thalassia testudinum, Halodule wrightii
 3b Freshwater spp - Vallisneria americana, Ruppia maritima

4. Mangroves
  4a from Florida - Rhizophora mangle (red mangrove)
  4b from Louisiana - Avicennia germinans (black mangrove)

Additional information on growing or obtaining these species for restoration projects include:
 * Plants for Gulf Mexico Coastal Restoration website: Documents

 * Louisiana State University Coastal Plants Program website:

 * USDA National Resources Conservation Service, Jamie L. Whitten PMC guides:
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