Climate Criminals & Climate Genocide. Anglo-Celtia threatens final Bengali Holocaust

Gideon Polya, “Climate Criminals & Climate Genocide. Anglo-Celtia threatens final Bengali Holocaust”, MWC News,  30 March 2007.


Climate Criminals & Climate Genocide. Anglo-Celtia threatens final Bengali Holocaust

Climate Genocide driven by First World Climate Criminals has become a harsh reality with the recent disappearance into the Bay of Bengal of the Indian Bengali island of Lohachara (former population 10,000). Bengal – including West Bengal (population 85 million) and Bangladesh (population 153 million) is a densely populated part of the world that is acutely threatened (like Louisiana and New Orleans) by First World greenhouse gas pollution, global warming and consequent sea level rises and storm surges.

While a British group Bring Climate Criminals to Justice (BCCJ) focuses on the growing global warming threat to Bangladesh  (see: HERE ), the world in general simply ignores the Anglo-Celtic and First World threat to Bengal – as indeed it has for 250 years since the Battle of Plassey (June 23, 1757) in which the British under Clive defeated the treason-compromised Bengalis under their Nawab Siraj ud-Daulah.  ( En passant, I have had the honor and great pleasure of meeting the Last Nawab of Bengal and the descendant of Mir Jafar,  installed as Nawab by the British in reward for his treason at Plassey).

Bengal suffered egregiously at the hands of the British over 2 centuries but in the last 4 decades the role of British has been taken over by the Americans.  The acute threat to Bengal from the remorselessly greedy Anglo-Celtic countries has continued up to this day as summarized succinctly here: 1769/1770, man-made Great Bengal Famine (10 million dead, one third of the population, due to rapacious British taxation and mercantilism); 19th century, recurrent famines (most notably in Bengal and Orissa in 1866); 1943/1944, the British-imposed, man-made 1943/44 Bengali Holocaust (4 million victims; a 1940s demographic deficit of 10 million; possibly due to a deliberate British scorched earth policy to stall Japanese invasion from Burma; associated with horrendous civilian and military sexual abuse of starving women and girls; and largely rubbed out of British history books in a continuing process of British holocaust-denial); 1947, British-complicit 1947 Indian Partition (hundreds of thousands of Bengalis killed, millions of refugees);  and the 1971 US-backed West Pakistani military Bengali Holocaust (3 million victims dead; 0.3 million women and girls raped; 10 million refugees; India threatened with nuclear annihilation by the US but was forced to act because of the huge refugee crisis) (see Christopher Hitchens, “The Trial of Henry Kissinger”, Text, Melbourne, 2001).

Of course Bengal was but ONE part of the British Raj in South Asia. The genocidal British rule was associated with 1.5 billion excess deaths over 2 centuries (1757-1947) (see MWC News ). 20th century and 21st century  South Asian Holocausts include:  the British-supervised Indian Famine of circa 1900 (about 2 million victims);  the British-supervised Indian population stasis between 1900 and 1930;  the British-imposed, man-made 1943/1944 Bengal Famine (4 million victims); the 1901-1947 excess deaths (avoidable deaths, deaths that did not have to happen) in British India totalling 0.4 billion; British-complicit 1947 Partition (1 million dead, 14 million refugees);  the 1971 US-backed Pakistani military Bengali Holocaust (3 million victims dead; 0.3 million women and girls raped; 10 million refugees); the 2003-2007, continuing,  US-imposed Afghan Holocaust (2.4 million excess deaths so far). Of course the greatest Holocausts of all – and of course IGNORED by racist, lying, holocaust-ignoring Corporate Mainstream Media  - are the post-1950, First World-complicit Third World Holocaust (1.2 billion excess deaths,  including 0.5 billion in South Asia) and the post-1950 Muslim Holocaust (0.6 billion excess deaths with many of the victims in South Asia) (see: HERE ).

Much of this carnage was set out in a book I published in 1998 and entitled “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History. Colonial rapacity, holocaust denial and the crisis in biological sustainability” (out of print but available in some major libraries around the world). The thesis of the book was simply that history ignored yields history repeated and that British ignoring of the horrendous holocausts it inflicted on Bengal in 1769/1770 and 1943/1944 will lead to a final Bengal Holocaust due to greenhouse gas pollution, global warming, sea level rise and storm surges . Since 1998, that horrific prediction has moved remorselessly towards that tragic end. About 25% of Bangladesh is inundated by normal seasonal flooding but abnormal flooding can inundate half the country, as indeed happened in 1998 (see: HERE ).

The Intergovernmental  Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has recently brought out its Fourth Assessment (see Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Summary for Policymakers ). This latest IPCC report  makes grim reading. The current atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration is about 380 parts per million (ppm) but it is increasing at about 2 ppm annually (1.9 ppm 1995-2005 average) – at this rate it will reach a catastrophic 570 ppm by 2100.

According to Professor James Lovelock FRS in his latest book “The Revenge of Gaia” (Allen Lane, 2006; pp33, 51) when atmospheric CO2 reaches 500 ppm the Greenland Ice Sheet melts irreversibly  (with attendant big  increases in sea level) and there is catastrophic failure due to global warming of  the ocean photosynthetic phytoplankton system (that is crucial for global temperature reduction through CO2 sequestration and dimethyl sulphide (DMS)-induced cloud formation).

The worst scenario offered by the IPCC Report is an increase by 2090-2099 (relative to 1980-1999) of 2.4-6.4 degrees Centigrade in temperature and of 0.26-0.59 meters in sea level. The increase in temperature will have a catastrophic effect on ocean photosynthesis, crop yields and water supply. The sea level rise will acutely threaten Bengal and other low-lying regions. The UK Chief Scientist has recently warned of the catastrophic consequences of Global Warming for hundreds of millions of Third World people.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is responsible for about 78% of the “radiative forcing” (global warming) by greenhouse gases, principally CO2, methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). According to official statistics from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) (2006 report; 2004 statistics )  the total annual CO2 pollution from oil, gas and  coal is 27,043 million tonnes. For a world population of 6,450 million (2005) this corresponds to an annual per capita CO2 production of 4.2 tonnes per person per year.

For Australia the annual per capita CO2 production is 19.2 tonnes but Australia is also the world’s biggest coal exporter. If we include the CO2 from Australian coal exports in the picture, then the figure for Australia becomes 40.3 tonnes per person per year as compared to 20 (the US), 20 (Canada), 3.7 (China), 1.0 (India), 0.7 (Pakistan) and 0.25 (Bangladesh).

Thus Australia with 0.3% of the World’s population produces 3.0% of the World’s  CO2 pollution, the US with 4.7% produces 22.2% and the UK and its former European-settled  colonies (“Anglo-Celtia”; the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Israel) with 7.2% of the World’s population produce 32% of its CO2 pollution  – as compared to Bangladesh with 2.4% of the World’s population producing 0.14%, India with 17% producing 4% and China with 21% of the world’s population producing 18%  of the world’s annual CO2 pollution.

Coal is needed for iron and steel production but rapid advances in wind power and solar energy technology, these renewable technologies  are set to supplant coal for electricity production on a purely economic cost basis in the next decade. Thus optimally located large-scale wind farms can already produce energy at a price similar to that for coal-fired power stations – and that is without applying a factor (estimates ranging from 2-16) for the additional environmental and human cost of coal burning.

Similarly, photovoltaic (PV) cell-based solar energy technology is set to make solar cheaper than coal-based energy within a decade. Such already achieved advances include balloon technology for light-weight, cheap solar collection; Australian “sliver” silicon PV cell technology that decreases the manufacture cost by a factor of 3; thin film photovoltaic manufacture in India by Moser Baer set to provide cheaper power than that from coal within several years; and non-silicon CIGS thin film photovoltaics  being mass manufactured by Flisom in Switzerland and set to be competitive with fossil fuels within 5 years.

Dangerously polluting nuclear energy (with a high CO2 pollution associated with the overall fuel cycle and major security concerns) is simply not an option – it is 2-3 times the cost of coal-based energy. Supplies of uranium and fossil fuels both have “tipping points” several decades from now. The best form of Carbon sequestration is keeping it as Coal in the ground.

There is now no technological excuse for the current greenhouse gas profligacy of the world’s big countries with the worst annual per capita greenhouse gas production (Australia, the US and Canada). Australia is the world’s biggest coal exporter and the US is the  world’s biggest greenhouse gas polluter; neither will sign up to the Kyoto Protocol; and neither will agree to substantial cut-backs in carbon dioxide pollution.  Unfortunately both major parties in Australia are committed to Coal (although the Opposition Labor Party will sign Kyoto and favours increased energy efficiency and use of renewables). It is simply selfish, racist, Climate Criminal greed by Anglo-Celtia – and particularly by the US and Australia - that is acutely threatening Climate Genocide for one of the most energy efficient,  least carbon dioxide polluting and poorest regions in the world, namely Bengal  – a FINAL Anglo-Celtia-delivered Bengal Holocaust.