How to save the Planet - Sign, Credo & Accountability Protocol (SCAP)

Gideon Polya, “How to save the Planet – Accountability, Badge & Credo (ABC) Protocol ”, MWC News, 14 May 2009.


How to save the Planet – Accountability, Badge & Credo (ABC) Protocol


The World is acutely threatened by man-made global warming and many scientists now doubt that we can avoid further damaging temperature to over 2C above that in 1900. However resolute action via a Sign, Credo and Accountability Protocol may save Man and the Biosphere.


In short, the Sign, Credo and Accountability protocol (SCAP) (or ESCAPE minus the current enveloping and immobilizing E’s of Empire and Expansion) involves (1) a Sign that activists can wear (e.g. “Climate Emergency”, “300” or  “350” to indicate the urgent need to reduce atmospheric CO2 to about 300ot or less than 350 parts per million; (2) a Credo (e.g.  “Sustainable existence for all peoples and all species on our warming-threatened Planet requires a rapid reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide  to about 300 parts per million”; and (3) Accountability of greenhouse gas (GHG)-polluting climate criminals imposing GHG pollution on all peoples and species (e.g. by naming and shaming via a Doomsday Book or Doomsday Monument of bad and good guys and by using a Green-credentialling system to identify products, people, companies and countries we can support and those we must boycott).


All the successful religions and –isms have had a Sign that their adherents wear by way of solidarity and of “bearing witness” to their beliefs. Thus the highly successful universalist religions have well-known Signs (or Badges) e.g. the  Christians have the Cross, Islam has the Crescent Moon, and Buddhism has the Yin-Yang duality symbol. Major altruistic movements have identifying Signs e.g. Communism has the Hammer and Sickle, Peace has the Dove and Medicine has the Aesculapius symbol of a  snake coiled around a staff. [All the successful -isms  have also had a clear Credo (statement of beliefs) and have held people Accountable for adherence to the Credo].