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News from the Barrett Lab:

Congratulations to David Hutto ('18) who recently began a new position as a Private Lands Biologist for the Southeastern Hellbender Conservation Initiative in Knoxville, TN. The second chapter of David's MS work in the lab was recently accepted for publication at Herpetological Conservation and Biology. This manuscript reports how the abundance of frogs is influenced by urban development and urban greenspace.

Megan Novak did a fantastic job presenting a summary of our green salamander research at the Clemson-SC Department of Natural Resources annual cooperators meeting in September. Working directly with our state and federal partners is a critical part of doing effective applied ecology.

Megan Novak is now a PhD candidate! Megan is studying the population biology of green salamanders in Upstate South Carolina.

Congratulations to Emma Rogers, who graduated with her BS in Environmental and Natural Resources from Clemson this spring. Emma has worked in the Barrett lab for the past few semesters as and undergraduate, and she'll now transition to working on her MS in the lab! Emma will be researching how development in the Clemson area influences box turtle movement and behavior.

Big news related to lab alum Jill Newman ('17). Jill recently took a new job as a Research Analyst at the University of Kentucky. In addition, a manuscript related to the second chapter of her MS thesis in the lab was accepted at Ecography. The manuscript reports on the influence of incorporating physiological data into correlative distribution models for green salamanders. Congrats, Jill!

The Barrett Lab is excited to welcome Josh Holbrook to the lab! Josh is interested in wetland community dynamics - and particularly the roles amphibians and reptiles play in those communities.