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News from the Barrett Lab:

Congratulations to Ben Bagwell who just landed a position with The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica. Ben was a field technician on Jill Newman's crew this summer, and we're excited to see him move on to his next adventure. 

Congratulations to Bennie Johnson, who recently published a second paper in Forest Ecology and Management. Bennie's research explores influence of different wetland management strategies in pine plantations on a range of frog species. The paper was coauthored by Kyle, Dr. Rob Baldwin (Clemson), and Dr. Jessica Homyack (Weyerhaeuser).

The Barrett Lab received funding from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission to study habitat associations and nesting behavior of Bog Turtles in North Carolina. MS student Mike Knoerr will be leading the research team on this project. 

Kyle was the lead author on a recent paper on the response of stream-associated frogs to urban development. The data from that study and previous studies from the Barrett Lab suggest frogs inhabiting riparian areas are less sensitive to urbanization than salamanders in the same habitat. The paper appears in the July issue of Copeia

Congratulations to Theresa Stratmann, who recently published her first paper. The paper appears in Herpetological Conservation and Biology. The research describes a process in which Theresa developed a model to predict where bog turtle habitat should be on the landscape and then performed field validation of that model. The paper was coauthored by Kyle and Thomas Floyd (Georgia DNR).