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News from the Barrett Lab:

A big congratulations to David Hutto, who successfully defended his thesis, titled "Do open spaces provide refuge for anurans within an urban matrix," on November 12. David has accepted a job with the Orianne Society where he will be conducting spotted turtle surveys in South Carolina.

Congratulations to Jill Newman, who recently had a chapter of her thesis accepted for publication at Journal of Herpetology. Jill's upcoming paper is "Green Salamander estimated abundance and environmental associations in South Carolina." Jill recently accepted a new job and will be a Biological Technician for the Florida Wildlife Commission.

Congratulations to Mike Knoerr, who was awarded "Best Oral Paper" at the 16th Annual Symposium on the Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles in Fort Worth, Texas in August.

We've had several recent funding successes in the lab. Thanks to Bryan Hudson, Megan Novak, and Mike Knoerr who helped secure funding for their projects from US Fish and Wildlife Service, SC Department of Natural Resources, and US Fish and Wildlife Service, respectively. We're excited to start these new projects!

The Barrett Lab would like to welcome Bryan Hudson to the team. Bryan will be focusing his PhD research on issues related to the conservation and ecology of pine snakes.

Congratulations to Mike Knoerr, who successfully defended his thesis! Mike's thesis focused on bog turtle nest predation and the effects of nest success/failure on population growth rates. His project was funded by North Carolina Wildlife Resources commission, the Bern Tryon Fund, and US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Marion Clement's research on barred owls in urban habitats was profiled by the local CBS news crew. You can read more about our owl research, and report sightings of Clemson-area owls, here.