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News from the Barrett Lab:

Congratulations to Theresa Stratmann, who recently published her first paper. The paper appears in Herpetological Conservation and Biology. The research describes a process in which Theresa developed a model to predict where bog turtle habitat should be on the landscape and then performed field validation of that model. The paper was coauthored by Kyle and Thomas Floyd (Georgia DNR). 

Congratulations to Bennie Johnson, who recently published her first paper, which appears in Forest Ecology and Management. Bennie's research explores influence of different wetland management strategies in pine plantations on a range of frog species. The paper was coauthored by Kyle, Dr. Rob Baldwin (Clemson), and Dr. Jessica Homyack (Weyerhaeuser).

Kyle co-authored a recently released paper on the enigmatic declines of Southern Dusky Salamanders along with Dr. John Maerz and two alumni from the Maerz Lab. The paper appears in the December issue of Southeastern Naturalist

Congratulations to Nathan Weaver, who successfully defended his thesis on November 20! Nathan has accepted a position with Georgia Department of Natural Resources, which he will be starting in January. 

In October the Barrett Lab traveled to The Annual Meeting of The Wildlife Society in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Nathan Weaver presented a portion of his thesis research, and three of our Creative Inquiry students presented posters on their research over the past year. Thanks to Nathan, Bri Cairco, Annie Carew, and Bonnie Miller for doing such a great job representing the lab. 

Nikki Roach (Barrett lab alum) and Kyle recently published the first chapter of her thesis work on Black Rail habitat use in South Carolina! Check out her work in Wetlands. Congratulations Nikki!

Kyle worked with Elizabeth Hunter, who led a team of collaborators from the University of Georgia, to publish a paper in Environmental Management on the vulnerability of several Atlantic coastal vertebrates to sea level rise.