I am  Professor of Economics  at Sciences Po (Paris),  on leave from the  University of Warwick 

And Research Affiliate at BREAD, CEPR, EUDN and JPAL.

Research Interests: Development, Environment, Labor, Public, and Political economy.

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My email address is clement.imbert `at' sciencespo.fr

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Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on India’s Rural Youth: Evidence from a Panel Survey and an Experiment (with  Bhaskar Chakravorty, Apurav Yash Bhatiya, Maximilian Lohnert, Poonam Panda, and Roland Rathelot

World Development, forthcoming. [Latest Draft]

Migrants and Firms: Evidence from China (with Marlon Seror, Yifan Zhang and Yanos Zylberberg)

American Economic Review (2022) 112 (6): 1885-1914  [Latest Draft] Blog: VoxDev

How to Improve Tax Compliance? Evidence from Population-wide Experiments in Belgium (with Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Johannes Spinnewijn, Teodora Tsankova and Maarten Luts)

Journal of Political Economy (2021) 129 (5): 1425-1463 . [Latest Draft] Blogs: VoxEU

Costs and Benefits of Rural-Urban Migration: Evidence from India (with John Papp)

Journal of Development Economics (2020) 146, 102473 . [Latest Draft]

E-governance, Accountability, and Leakage in Public Programs: Experimental Evidence from a Financial Management Reform in India (with Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Santhosh Mathew and Rohini Pande)

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (2020) 12 (4):  39-72. [Latest Draft] Earlier version [NBER] Blogs: VoxDev

Short-term Migration, Rural Public Works and Urban Labor Markets: Evidence from India (with John Papp)

Journal of the European Economic Association (2020) 18(2): 927–963. [Latest Draft] Blogs: VoxEU. Media coverage: Hindustan Times Ideas for India

Labor Market Effects of Social Programs: Evidence from India's Employment Guarantee (with John Papp) 

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (2015) 7(2): 233-263. [Latest draft] Blogs: VoxDev Media coverage: Ideas for India 

Decomposing wage inequality: public and private sectors in Vietnam 1993-2006

World Bank Economic Review (2013) 27(1): 55-79. [Latest draft]

Work in Progress:

Deforestation and Structural Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa (with Kenneth Houngbdeji, Sam Marshall, Julien Wolfersberger, and Liam Wren-Lewis)

Other Publications:

Covid-19: Expected migrant movement as lockdown eases

Ideas for India 1st May 2020. Data [Devdatalab].

Social protection response to the COVID-19 crisis: options for developing countries (with François Gerard and Kate Orkin) 

Oxford Review of Economic Policy Volume 36, Issue Supplement_1, 2020, Pages S281–S296.

Estimating leakages in India’s employment guarantee (with John Papp), 

In Reetika Khera, editor, The battle for employment guarantee. Oxford University Press, 2011.

Estimating leakages in India's employment guarantee: an update (with John Papp)

Media Coverage: The Hindu and Indian Express

Travailler pour être aidé? L'emploi garanti indien Opuscule Cepremap n°33, ENS Editions, Paris.


Development Economics (MRes/PhD 2nd year, University of Warwick)

Syllabus 2017-2018; 2018-19; 2020-21 ; 2021-22

Development Economics (Undergraduate 3nd year, University of Warwick): Labor markets


Development Economics (Undergraduate 2nd year, University of Warwick)


Development Economics (MPhil/PhD 2nd year, University of Oxford): State and development.

Lecture Notes

Quantitative Methods (MSc in Development Economics, University of Oxford): Treatment Effects.

Lecture Notes


District-level employment provision and expenditures under MGNREGS every year from 2006 to 2016


District-level employment provision under MGNREGS every month from 2009 to 2016


GP-level employment provision under MGNREGS every year from 2006 to 2010



Past PhD-Students:

Teodora Tsankova (Tilburg University)

Felix Forster (Ofcom, UK government)

Neha Bose (CMA, UK government)

Apurav Yash Bhatiya (Birmingham University)

Karmini Sharma (Stanford)

Ashish Aggarwal (Analysis Group)