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Under-Employment and the Trickle-Down of Unemployment (with R. Barnichon) - paper - appendix - R&R, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.

Star Wars: the Empirics Strike Back (with A. Brodeur, M. Lé, M. Sangnier) - paper - appendix - picture - American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 8(1): 1-32, 2016.

Internal Labor Migration as a Shock Coping 
Strategy: Evidence from a Typhoon (with A. Groeger) - paper - picture
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 8(2): 123-53, 2016.

War, Migration and the Origins of the Thai Sex Industry, (with A. Brodeur and W. Lekfuangfu), R&R, Journal of the European Economic Association.

Protests and trust in the state: Evidence from African countries (with M. Sangnier) paper - R&RJournal of Public Economics.

Austerity and tax evasion: theory and evidence from Greece (with F. Pappada) - paper

East Side Story: Historical Pollution and Persistent Neighborhood Segregation (with S. Heblich and A. Trew) - paper

Work in progress:

Access to Jobs and Duration Dependence (with R. Barnichon and S. Fujita)

Dynastic income mobility - paper - picture

Menu of Unemployment Benefits (with R. Barnichon)

State capacity and pro-cyclical fiscal policies (with F. Pappada)