Research interests: Behavioral Economics, Quantitative Marketing.

I am currently an Assistant Professor at Erasmus School of Economics, Rotterdam. I am also research associate at the London School of Economics and Political Science (Center for Economic Performance).

My work borrows from behavioral economics and marketing research to study how inequality and social norms affect consumer choices and individual wellbeing. Do people value the relative size of their house? Do luxury products become necessary for the poor in unequal societies? To what extent do socially constructed identities and hierarchies around race, gender or caste influence how we spend? More recently, I have also looked at the impact of non-monetary incentives on performance outcomes.

To answer these questions, I rely on large-scale consumer surveys, field and online experiments, scanner data, proprietary private sector data and online datasets collected using web-scraping techniques (i.e. ``Big Data") or made readily available (e.g. search, social media data).