Theses and documents

PhD thesis [Measurement and numerical modeling of pedestrian flows] (PDF).

Master thesis [Development of an isotope dilution technique for the quantitative analysis of fission gases in nuclear fuels] (PDF).

(Almost) compact Japanese grammar cheat sheet (PDF).

Tablet/smartphone inertial sensor streaming software suite

Here, the software suite used to measure body orientation and body dynamics is openly provided.

The version provided here can record up to 3 devices simultaneously. I can provide another version with unlimited range if you contact me via e-mail.

  • Client software running on the tablet/smartphone [Android] (link) (ZIP).
  • Server software running on a PC and storing inertial data from all devices [Windows] (ZIP).
  • Software to reconstruct single files using data stored internally in portable devices [Windows] (ZIP).
  • Short manual containing relevant information on how to use the different software (for more information e-mail me) (PDF).

The use of this software is limited to private use or research purposes (commercial use is forbidden).

If you wish to use this software for research purposes please cite the paper below:

  • Feliciani, Claudio, and Katsuhiro Nishinari. "Estimation of pedestrian crowds' properties using commercial tablets and smartphones." Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics 7.1 (2019): 865-896 (link) (PDF).

External pages as software contributor

Google Play store contributor page (link).

GitHub contributor page (link).

TI-92+ software developer page (link).