In the news

Academic research and/or work related

Joint press article on the representation of tragedies in the media (link)

Review of my paper on crowd accidents (in Dutch) (link)

Crowd accident review and participation in the Crowd Safety Summit (link)

Contributions regarding the crowd accident in Itaewon (English, multilingual)

Documentary on my research and interest on Japan from NHK World (link)

French article on the IgNobel prizes on the Migros Magazine (link)

Short Italian interview on the IgNobel prize (link)

Italian coverage on the science behind the IgNobel prize (link) coverage on the Ig Nobel prize (link).

NNN news coverage on the Ig Nobel prize (in Japanese) (link).

Ig Nobel coverage on The University of Tokyo webpage (in Japanese) (link).

Wired coverage on the Ig Nobel prize 2021 (in Italian) (link).

Wired magazine coverage of the smartphone walking experiment (link)

Presentation in the Swiss Experiences series (link) (PDF).

Profile and research objectives on the page of The University of Tokyo Foundation (link).

Hokuriku Chunichi Journal talking about my first Japanese experience (link).

Testimonial for the master info-days (ETH) (link).

Presentation video of the Master in Nuclear Engineering (link).

Private/auxiliary activities

Testimonial for the Association for the Promotion of Intercultural Understanding (in Japanese) (link).

Testimonial for the WAHAHA Japanese school (link).

Photograph on the Japan Times newspaper (link).