Hi, I am Victoria Clapton, author of fiction and the mystical blog Tea Leaves, Travels, and Tapestried Tales.

My books are as follows:

  • Subaru's End: Lurid Lantern, Wicked Wings, Chthonic Crown

  • Stewards of the Sea

  • The Binding Universe - including The Binding, Witch's Pawn, Ancestors, Zylphia, Solomon Cille, Colleen Unbound

  • The Priestess and the Warrior Trilogy - including Awaken, Accept, Avowal

  • The Dark Light Saga - Dark Light and Luminous Shadows

All of my Books Available Here

  • All of you audio book fiends: Be on the look out. Most of my books are now on audio, and the ones that aren't are being recorded right now!

  • My short story "Intertwined" won 1st place in the Earth's Final Chapter 2020 competition. It and the 3 other winning stories are available at Endless Ink Publishing : Here

For those of you who have already read my books or blog, thank you! If you are interested in getting a copy of any of my books, please click the links on the left of the page, or if you would like to read my blog, you can do that here. Best Wishes and Vermillion Cacophonies to you all!

Love, Light and Darkness


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