City Office

The office is located on the South side of the community building

Office Hours: Mon-Friday 8-12, 1-4

Address: 521 Maple St.

Phone: 785-536-4296

Fax: 785-536-4298


Gypsum has a Mayor/Council form of government with members serving 4 year terms. City Council meets at 7:00 every second Monday of the month, in the City Office.


Sandy Kruse

Council Members:

Council President: David Jackson

Jerry Sorenson

Deborah Murphy

Tony Leads

Tyler Augustine

City Clerk: Judy Scanlan

Fire Department

Fire Chief: Jim Benfer

Assistant Fire Chief: Jeff Armstrong

The Fire Department is volunteer and meets the 1st and 3rd Monday at 7:00 p.m. at the City Safety Center.

Maintenance and Water/Waste Management: Tracy Dahl, Jim Benferl


The City has an ordinance pertaining to dogs. Chows, Rottweiler's and Pitt Bull dogs are prohibited in the City. All dogs must be registered with the City Clerk and proof of current rabies vaccination by a registered veterinarian must be provided. Dogs need to be registered by April 30th every year or within one month of acquiring a dog or becoming a city resident. The City sponsors a dog clinic each spring a the City Safety Center where vaccinations are available if needed, and registration takes place. Registration at other times is done a the City Clerk's Office. No dogs shall be permitted to run at large at any time in the city. Fines and penalties may be imposed for those violation.