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Strength to Love
is a group of hardworking and caring community
members committed to battling and overcoming the injustices of the prison system.

We want to offer the men and women returning home from incarceration practical support, spiritual direction, and a caring community network of people and organizations.

What We Do:

ON THE INSIDE: A group of volunteers spends time building relationships with inmates at DC's Re-Entry Unity in hopes of providing them the support they need before they are released and inviting them to join our community of support once they are home.

ON THE OUTSIDE: We match returning citizens with mentors, who offer spiritual direction and connections with our partner organizations like Jubilee Jobs or Columbia Road Health Services.  We encourage the men and women to participate in our church community through Spiritual Support Groups and through attending our Strength to Love meetings.

CONFRONTING THE SYSTEM:  We bought several shares of stock in the Corrections Cooperation America (CCA) and ascribed ownership of them to the returning citizens within our community.  Ex-offenders are now part owners of the privitized prison that held them!  For the past three years, we have gone to the shareholders meetings in Tennessee to speak with CCA's board about reforming the privatized, for-profit prison system.  It is an awkward relationship as we deplore the principles on which privatized prisons stand.  Nevertheless, we have gone in the loving spirit of Jesus, and they have been very welcoming of us and our ideas and we hope to continue our respectful honest, and ultimately reforming relationship.

Why We Do It:

The prison system in America is broken.

Local, state, and federal governments contract corporations to manage correction facilities, paying them by the head: the more prisoners, the more money the corporations make.

The justice and prison systems disproportionately incarcerate African-Americans, low income individuals, and people of color.

America has the highest incarceration rate in world and a recidivism rate that is through the roof.