Membership in Church of Christ, Right Now is a commitment to a life of Christian discipleship, service, and ministry. To prepare for membership, a person completes a year of Biblical and theological education, spiritual formation and leadership training.

While not every person is called to the membership commitment of CC,RN, everyone is welcome to worship and to participate in many ways in our church community.

In The Church of Christ, Right Now, we are Trained as Shepherds and Ordained as Donkeys.

Becoming a Member / Shepherds' Training:

Those seeking membership in CC,RN are called Shepherds in Training.  This name reflects first, their responsibility as shepherds in God's Kingdom and this world; and second, the year of education and discernment they must complete before becoming a full member.  Shepherds' Training is a year of increasing commitments, compassionate accountability, social and spiritual education, as well as fellowship immersion.

To find out more, call the church office at 202-387-8001; ask for Becca!

Membership / Ordained as Donkeys:

As members, we believe each of us is "ordained as a donkey."  We chose this image because a donkey is faithful, hardworking and persistent.  A donkey is lowly, humble, and a servant of the poor.  Mary rode a donkey into Bethlehem to give birth to our Savior.  Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to confront the socio-religious corruption of his day.  As Donkeys, we commit to continue a lifetime of deepening transformation to one-ness with Christ, in communion with each other, in service to the world.