An Introduction

Church of Christ, Right Now (CC,RN) is not your typical church. 
The Church of Christ, Right Now is diverse.  Members of our community--whether old timers or new comers--come from a myriad of backgrounds, ethnicities, races, classes, ages, and life-experiences.  We believe a church community should be as beautiful and rich as the WHOLE world of Christians.

How We Worship -- Spiritual Support Groups:

Perhaps the best introduction to our church is our unique worship style--called Freedom Circles.  Modeled after 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, Freedom Circles create space for everyone and anyone--regardless of race, class, or creed--to share openly and honestly about their life, their joys, their troubles, and their individual faith journeys.  Find Out More!

Our Mission:

Strength to Love--the name of our "missional community"--is a compassionate, hardworking group committed to reforming the injustices of the justice system.  At the macro level, we are confronting a system that feeds on the poor.  Locally, we are helping men and women as they come from from incarceration.  These men and women need housing, employment, health-care, and a loving, supportive Christian community.  Find Out More!


No person will ever be turned away from participation in our community and worship.  But not every person is called to be a member, and therefore a leader, of our church.  Membership is a commitment to a life of discipleship, service, and ministry.  To become a member, a person must go through a year of education and discernment.  Find Out More!

Our Roots:

Church of Christ, Right Now is a partner church of Becoming Church--a movement of churches ending poverty.  Find out more!