My software

Here's a list of my software:
  • CornerFix. CornerFix corrects for vignetting related problems in digital images. It works with images from very nearly any camera, and is free and open source.
  • pcdMagic for the Mac. pcdMagic converts Kodak Photo CD images to more modern format like JPEG, TIFF and DNG. Unlike the many other converters available on the web, pcdMagic uses film and scanner specific color profiles to get the color (and everything else) right.
  • pcdMagic for Windows is the Windows version of pcdMagic. It has all of the same features, other than mot having sharpening, and conversion to DNG.
  • pcdtojpeg. pcdtojpeg is pcdMagic's free and open source cousin. It shares the same decoder engine, so it will decode any known Photo Cd file just as pcdMagic will. Also, just like pcdMagic, it won't blow highlights. However, it a command line program, and only has a single generic color profile. But it still does a better job at Photo CD conversion than anything else out there. pcdtojpeg runs on Mac, Windows, Linux and just about any other *nix platform that exists.
  • tnefdd. tnefdd decodes those pesky "winmail.dat" attachments that Outlook sends. It's free and open source, and runs on the Mac.
  • keyChainDD. keyChainDD is a free and open source password manager for the Mac.