Experimental DNG Camera Profiles

This page is now obsolete, but is kept here because various links point to it.

Adobe's new generation DNG camera profiles implement their color adjustments after performing basic exposure adjustments - technically, as a "LookTable". This can result in unexpected color tints when adjusting exposure. I talk about these profiles extensively on my blog - link to the left.

The contents of this page used to be an experimental Canon 5DII "invariant" profile. "Invariant" meaning that no color changes occur when the Lightroom or Photoshop exposure controls are changed. As it turned out, some people found that profile to be very useful.

As a result, what I've done, rather than try to built invariant profiles for every camera Adobe supports, is to add the ability to generate such profiles to dcpTool. In fact, dcpTool has two different ways make profiles invariant which you can select based on your needs.

For a description of what dcpTool does to make profiles invariant, go here.

To download dcpTool, go here.