These pages hold useful reference material from my ChromaSoft blog, and my CornerFix software, mostly related to photography and image processingĀ 

Current content is:

Reference images for workflow calibration - these are DNG format raw files that have been synthetically reconstructed to contain exact colors and tones. So you can use them to exactly understand what's going on in your workflow, from raw processing to printing.

ICM profiles for various useful color spaces. ICM profiles are also known as ICC profiles. If you want to convert colors between color spaces, for example via Apple's ColorSync utility, or if your image processing software supports ICM profiles directly. I have hard-to-find profiles like Melissa RGB, with a real sRGB tone curve; very useful for working with Adobe products. Also a bunch of variations of ProPhoto and WideGamut

Calibration Spreadsheets - these show what numeric RGB readings you should get from various raw developers including Aperture, Lightroom and Capture One is a GretagMacBeth 24-patch testĀ  chart is displayed

The Color Space papers - a few years ago, I wrote two papers on the mathematics of color space conversions, and the shape of the CIE color space. They are available both as PDF files, and as live MathCad files. Warning - these are highly technical and very mathematical......