Prof. Dr. Christoph Trebesch

  Assistant Professor
  Department of Economics
  University of Munich

  Schackstr. 4, 80539 München, Germany
  Tel. +49-89-2180-5718

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New Research:

A Distant Mirror of Debt, Default and Relief, NBER Working Paper 2057, October 2014, with Carmen Reinhart

Political Booms, Financial Crises, NBER Working Paper, July 2014, with Helios Herrera and Guillermo Ordonez

Foreign Law Bonds: Can They Reduce Sovereign Borrowing Costs?, November 2014, with Marcos Chamon and Julian Schumacher

Sovereign Defaults in Court, May 2014, with Julian Schumacher and Henrik Enderlein
ECB Interventions in Distressed Sovereign Debt Markets: The Case of Greek Bonds, CESifo WP No. 4731 
March 2014, with Jeromin Zettelmeyer. Revise & Resubmit Review of Financial Studies

  • The paper was presented at: ECB, Fed Chicago, Fed San Francisco, Bank of Spain, Goethe U Frankfurt, DIW Berlin, U Santa Clara, Mainz University

Sovereign Defaults: The Price of Haircutswith Juan Cruces (Paper, Appendix) *** NEW *** 2014 Update of Haircut Dataset, August 7, 2014.
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2013, 5(3), pp. 85–117.  

The Effect of Labor Migration on the Diffusion of Democracy: Evidence from a Former Soviet Republic
September 2013, with Toman Omar Mahmoud, Hillel Rapoport and Andreas Steinmayr, CESifo WP 4389

The Greek Debt Restructuring: An Autopsy, CESifo WP 4333, July 2013, with Jeromin Zettelmeyer and Mitu Gulati
A shorter version has been published in Economic Policy, 2013, 28(75), pp. 513-569.
Sovereign Debt Restructurings 1950-2010: Literature Survey, Data and Stylized Facts, August 2012, with Udaibir Das and Michael Papaioannou, IMF Working Paper 12/203. [Paper] and [Data]