Data on Chinese lending and debt:

China debt stock dataset (Horn/Reinart/Trebesch):

China contract database (Gelpern/Horn/Morris/Parks/Trebesch):

  • Chinese contract database from Gelpern, Horn, Morris, Parks, Trebesch "How China Lends" paper (joint CGD, Aiddata, Kiel and Peterson report)

  • The dataset and original contracts are available in a public repository here

Data on sovereign defaults and restructurings:

New dataset on almost 1000 sovereign debt restructurings since 1970 (Chinese, banks, bonds, Paris Club), Horn/ Reinhart/Trebesch

Monthly sovereign default dataset (Asonuma/Trebesch):

  • 2020 update of monthly default and restructuring dataset, now including start and end dates of 197 sovereign default spells / debt restructurings with foreign banks/bondholders 1970-2020, last updated September 23, 2020

  • from "Sovereign Debt Restructurings: Preemptive or Post-Default" (with Tamon Asonuma), JEEA, 2016

  • Can be easily merged with Cruces/Trebesch haircut dataset below (see Excel column "Case nr in Cruces/Trebesch database")

  • The Readme summarizes the coding, definitions (start and end dates, preemptive vs. post-default) as well as differences to existing default datasets.

Haircut dataset (creditor losses in sovereign debt restructurings):

Litigation dataset (lawsuits in sovereign defaults):