Published papers

Econometrics, Statistics and Machine Learning

   Finite Mixture Models with One Exclusion Restriction, The Econometrics Journal, October 2016. Link to published version.

Empirical Auctions

   ‘Vettes and Lemons on eBay, with Laura Hosken and Peter Newberry, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 9(2): 109-127, 2011.  Link to SSRN version (February 2006).

  The Sealed-Bid Abstraction in Online Auctions, with Robert Zeithammer, Marketing Science (Lead Article), 29(6): 964-987, 2010.  Link to published versionLink to SSRN version (December 2009).  Link to Commentary by Srinivasan and Wang and to commentary by Hortacsu and Nielsen.

  Causes and Implications of Some Bidders Not Conforming to the Sealed-Bid, with Robert Zeithammer, Marketing Science (Rejoinder), 29(6): 998-1000, 2010.  Link to published version.

  Estimating Demand from eBay Prices, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 25(6): 1213-1232 (Symposium on Online Auctions), 2007.  Link to published version.

  Introduction to Online Auction Symposium, with Patrick Bajari, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 25(6): 1159-1162 (Symposium on Online Auctions), 2007.  Link to working paper version.

Pharmaceutical R&D

  Spending on New Drug Development, with Van Brantner, Health Economics, 19(2):130-141, 2010.  Link to SSRN version (March 2008) and link to published version.

  Estimating the Cost of New Drug Development: Is it really $802m? with Van Brantner, Health Affairs, March/April: 420-428, 2006.  Link to published version.

  Pharmaceutical Development Phases: A duration analysis, with Rosa Abrantes-Metz and Albert Metz, Journal of Pharmaceutical Finance, Economics and Policy, 14(4): 19-42, 2005. Link to SSRN version (October 2004).

  Empirical Facts and Innovation Market Analysis, with Rosa Abrantes-Metz and Albert Metz, Antitrust Source, March 2005. Link to published version.

Incentive Contracts

  Optimal Team Incentives with CES Production, Economics Letters, 92: 143-148, 2006.  Link to working paper version.

  The Use of Profit Sharing When Workers Make Decisions: Evidence from a Survey of Manufacturing Workers, in The Determinants of the Incidence and the Effects of Participatory Organizations, Takao Kato and Jeffery Pliskin (eds), chapter 7, volume 7, 2003, pp. 173-209, 2003.