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Christopher Sink, Ph.D., LMHC, NCC

      Seattle Pacific University
Professor, School Counselor Education
and Educational Research

Tel: 206-281-2453
Fax: 206-281-2756
Email:  csink@spu.edu

Brief professional biography:

Christopher Sink, Ph.D., NCC, LMHC, professor of Counselor Education at Seattle Pacific University (21+ years), has been actively involved with the school counseling profession for over 30 years. Prior to serving as a counselor educator, he worked as a secondary and post-secondary counselor. He has many years of chief editorial experience in counseling-related journals (ASCA’s Professional School Counseling and ACA’s Counseling and Values). He is currently on the editorial board of multiple peer-refereed journals, including The Professional Counselor (the National Board of Certified Counselors), Professional School Counseling (American School Counselor Association), Counselling and Spirituality (Canadian), Counseling and Values (American Counseling Association and Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling), and Journal of Research on Christian Education. Dr. Sink conducts program evaluations for educational systems and organizations as well as presents at scholarly and professional conferences on a regular basis including those held in the U.S. and internationally. He has also served as a keynote speaker on several occasions. With over 100 publications to his credit, Dr. Sink writes extensively in various areas related to school counseling, social-emotional learning (SEL), educational psychology, positive psychology, and research methods. He is a strong advocate for systemic and strengths-based school-based counseling. Currently, his research agenda includes topics examining social-emotional learning [click link for description of multinational project], program evaluation, outcomes of comprehensive school counseling programs, research methods in counselor education, positive psychology, and spirituality as an important feature of adolescent resiliency. He also has a three-year appointment as visiting scholar at York St John University, Faculty of Education and Theology, York England.

Curriculum Vitae and professional/scholarly work, see links below.

Professional services

Research and statistical work, program evaluation, licensed mental health counseling services, and social-emotional/educational consultation, editorial board memberships of various journals, journal article reviewer, book and book proposal reviewer, serve on  advisory boards for counselor professional organizations. 
Link to Christopher Sink's Amazon.com Author Page

Sink, C. A., Seo, M., & Kim, D. H. (2013). 아동청소년을 위한 긍정상담 (Child adolescent counseling and spirituality: School counseling in positive psychology) (published in Korean). Seoul, Korea: Hakjisa Publishing. http://www.hakjisa.co.kr/

Current Service to Journal Editorial Boards

Professional and Research Interests

Ongoing research projects: 
  • Comprehensive School Counseling Programs in WA state high schools and impact on academics and social-emotional learning
  • Principal investigator: "Happiness and Meaning-making Project" multi-state (WA, MI, NC and national (US, Korea, S. Africa) investigating on the predictive value of spiritual well-being dimensions on happiness after statistically controlling for temperament in grades 3-6 children. (Connections between these variables and student outcomes are also being studied.)
  • Psychometric investigations on My Classroom Inventory-SFR (student and teacher versions) with elementary school children and their teachers.
  • Psychometric study of new instrument, Life Perspectives Inventory, with American and Korean adolescents.

See links below for curriculum vita, academic publications list, professional/educational background, & sample professional presentations