Emergency Lighting Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Wiring Faults

Incorrectly wired emergency lights can appear to be working correctly sowing charging lights and illuminating under normal conditions.

All lamps loose efficiency and light output over time and are effected from external influences such as temperature and moisture. Failed lamps should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent damage to internal components.



Maintained emergency are combined fittings that are also used as a standard light. Most types and designs of light fitting are available as a maintained unit to match your existing lighting.

Non - Maintained fittings are only illuminated during a power loss. these are often found indicating exits with a green sign. They are available in a range designs to suit there location.

Emergency lights are available in two types:

Lamps fail.

It is essential that all emercency lights are tested regularly and batteries replaced as indicated. This needs carried out by qualified electricians as it involves dealing with mains voltage.

As with all batteries, these suffer over time and lose there ability to hold the required charge.

Without carrying out regular testing and maintenance you have no control over the condition and operation of your vital emergency lights.

What Goes wrong?

Rechargable Batteries loose there charge.

All emergency lights rely on rechargeable batteries in one form or another, either within the emergency light itself or remotely located in the form of a "pack".

It's all too easy to let the condition of your emergency lighting go unnoticed.

In full working order they are off when the power is on, but dangorously they are also off when they aren't working at all!

Monthly inspections

Each month all emergency lights should be tested.

This would include:

  • Visual inspection of each emergency light fitting to check charge indicator and for any obvious issues or damage

  • Temporary Interruption of the power supply. This allows us to check each emergency light is illuminating correctly when powered only from the battery.

  • Recording of results. All tests should be logged for auditing purposes.

Any issues uncovered during the test such as flickering, broken or damaged fittings, no charge etc need to be recorded in a suitable log and rectified by qualified electricians where necessary.

Our Ongoing Support options can be tailored to include the routine monthly checks of your Emergency Lighting system.

This would ensure you always comply with all regulations and provide a safe environment in the event of an emergency.

Bi annual and annual inspections

Biannual and annual inspections are more through tests than the monthly checks. The power is disconnected for a prolonged period to show any issues with the rechargeable batteries

  • Initially each emergency light is tested as in the monthly inspection.

  • The supply of power to the emergency lights is interrupted for a longer period usually 1 or 3 hours

  • Supply of normal power is restored and a check of each fitting is performed to confirm it has returned to it's charging state.

As with the monthly checks, records need to be updated and any issues logged and resolved.

We are able to carry out these tests, update all records and repair any faults to ensure the continued operation of your emergency lights.

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The easiest way to indicate potential issues is by conducting regular and thorough testing.

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