Additional power

In today's modern home we have such a vast range of electrical appliances in every room, that finding a free socket can be frustrating. Extension leads become quickly overloaded and trailing leads and wires are unsightly as well as unsafe.

Additional sockets can be fitted with minimum disruption and will provide a solution wherever they're needed.

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Step aside the conventional fixed plug socket…

No longer will the layout of your room be dictated by the location of fixed plug sockets.

Imagine having access to power that works in total harmony with the changing needs of your home. Plug sockets and extension leads are no longer just a means to an end, the way you access power has now become an integral part of your interior design and living plans too.

With Mainline you can add, remove and reposition sockets when and where you need them along a simple and stylish track system, providing a unique, flexible solution to match your needs exactly.