Energy saving Ideas

Energy Saving Ideas

We have compiled a list of easy ways you can make some serious savings on your electricity bills, even a few small changes make a big difference over a year of average use.

At Home:

LED Lighting

A LED lamp or light fitting uses as little as 10% of the power of a standard light bulb or Halogen lamp. The latest LED's on the market offer a light output and colour that is comparable to existing power hungry lighting.

PIR Sensors

By replacing the light switches in your house with PIR occupancy sensors, you only ever use the lights when needed. These sensors will automatically turn on the lights in a room when light levels are low and the room is in use. As soon as it detects that the room is empty it will turn the lights off so no energy is wasted.


Old electric heating systems such as night storage and panel heaters are one of the most power hungry things in your home. Ensuring all your units are set correctly to only operate during off peak hours will help keep these costs down. Modern electric heating is a lot more efficient, using built in thermostats and room controls you are able to fine tune your heating in each room as it is needed.