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a. Mismeasured (2016 ~ )

Mismeasured Nature

Human has created numbers, scales, and straight lines. 

They have become criteria to build our civilization so far. 

We keep on measuring, calculating,and manipulating nature with a trust of them.

However sometimes we’ve made irreparable mistakes to our mother nature. 

Because perfect scales or straight lines are actually not existed.

They are just in our mind or a sort of fantasy. 

Jinkee Choi


Mismeasured_Fetus 2017
yard stick

Mismeasured_Frog 2017
yard stick

Mismeasured_Cheetah 2016
yard stick

Mismeasured_Elephant 2016
yard stick

Mismeasured_Giraffe 2016
yard stick

Mismeasured_Polar Bear 2016
yard stick

Mismeasured_Rhinoceros 2016
yard stick

Mismeasured_Man 2016
yard stick

Mismeasured_Pushups 2017
yard stick