e. Artificial Nature (2004~ )

Ruling Cat 2012

Plaster, Metal Mesure 22x5x10"

Finger Sushi 2012

4x1.5x2", acrylic color on plaster

Ordinary Lion 2011

pencil on paper, 20x30"

Delivery 2011

pencil on paper, 30x20"

Skinny Lame Polar Bear 2011

carved on polar bear figure, 5x2x3"

the Spider Man 2011

plastic spiderman action figure, 6x6x2"

Woolen Rug Sheep 2011

long pile woolen rug, wood, wire, rubber, cable ties, 47x45x20"

Styrofoam Plar Bear 2, 2011

electric appliance packing Styrofoam, 20x18x9"

Chair-Horned Moose 2010

architecturural miniature chair model, moose figure, 7x5x6"

Handicapped-Cat-Legged Dining Table 2010

wood, 45x31x32"

Tameflu 2009

glass dome, pig figure, 8x3x3

Canada Goose Airplane 2, 2009

airplane model, acrylic paint, 7x7x5"

Canada Goose Airplane 1, 2009

goose ceramic doll, acrylic paint, 5x5x9"

Acupunctured Cat 2009

breathing cat doll, acupuncture needle, 8x6x4"

Chrome Heart 2009

heart medical model, lacquer paint, 5x5x7"

Styrofoam Polar Bear 2008

packing styrofoam, 17x4x12"

Styrofoam Polar Fox 2008

packing styrofoam, 14x5x3"

Toothed Cellular Phone 2008

thomb tack nail, celluar phone, 4x2x2"

A Dog and Man Leashed on Green Tea, 2007

used green tea bag, 6x2x3" each

Pigeon-Rat 2005

stuffed pigeon body, rat head, brick, 10x4x9"

Aroma Can Flower 2006

Caned Aroma, 3x3x5"

Grape Tree 2004

grape twig, 4x7x4"

Oral Contraceptive Baby 2003

oral contraceptive wrap, straw, 8x1x9"

Plastic Bag Rabbit 2003

plastic bag, 6x3x5"

Gardening Glove Flower 2004

gardening gloves, ceramic flowerpot. 5x5x8"