Who We Are

Our Kids

The kids that participate in Pack 121 come from the neighborhoods of Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Ballard and Green Lake. They go to school at St John, Greenwood Elementary, West Woodland, Whittier and others.

Some are gifted students while others squeak by. Some barely know how to throw a ball while others are natural athletes. Some are handy with tools, some are musically inclined. More than a few are just goofy kids that like to play. They are all welcome in Pack 121.

Our Parents

Pack 121 parents are involved. Some have more time and interest in participating in Cub Scouts than others. The leaders understand that not every parent can stay for every meeting. But participating takes many forms, and working together they help all the kids succeed in the program.

Some families struggle to make ends meet, and some have a difficult and tangled history. Pack 121 coordinates community resources so that no kid is left out.

Our Leaders

The leaders of Pack 121 have a variety of backgrounds but they share a love of community, a dedication to our kids, and a commitment to Scouting. They are hikers, sailors, birders, gardeners and musicians. All are parents. And all share their love of the outdoors through Cub Scouts.

Our Pack's Place in Scouting

Pack 121 is part of Scouts Troop 121. Like other Troops of north Seattle, we a member of the Aurora District of the larger Chief Seattle Council.