Our Webelos Dens

Kids entering fourth and fifth grades participate in Pack 121 Webelos program. The Cub Scouts in a Den work as a team to fulfill requirements and they also choose an elective to complete together.

These programs run September through June. Den meetings are held two or three times a month. The meetings are usually located at St. John's Egan Hall. There are outings perhaps once a month and a couple of camp outs during the year.

A child need not have completed prior levels to join. He or she need not have participated at all in Cub Scouts to enter the appropriate Den. A child can join at any time, although it is advantageous to join in September so the kids all start their adventure together.

Fourth Graders - Webelo 1

The fourth graders strive for the rank of Webelo through completion of requirements and an elective. Requirements include skills such as camp cooking, first aid, and physical fitness.

There are many fun and exciting electives for the Den to choose, such as art, contruction, and science.

It typically takes most of the year of meetings and outings to achieve the Webelos rank.

Fifth Graders - Webelo 2

Fifth graders pursue a badge called Arrow of Light. This special badge is the only one that can be worn after the child proceeds to Boy Scouts.

The Arrow of Light program includes requirements such as Building a Better World, in which the child learns about our nation. Many camping skills are taught including knots and setting up tents.

Arrow of Light is engineered as a stepping stone to Boy Scouts. Pack 121 encourages participation from Boy Scout Troop 121, so integration is easy and natural.

The journey to complete Arrow of Light takes most of the year of meetings and outings.