research interest:

applied theory (IO, search, organization) and competition policy

working in progress:

  • "Coordinating merger policies on international supply chains," with Arghya Ghosh (UNSW) and Hodaka Morita (UNSW).
  • "Directed search with two-sided heterogeneity: a Poisson-game approach".
  • "Brand image and distribution-channel restraints", with Martin Peitz (Mannheim).
  • "Directed search and observability: information friction versus coordination friction", with Makoto Watanabe (VU Amsterdam).

working papers:

1. " Platform investment and price parity clauses", with Julian Wright (NUS).

first version: 2016.

2. "Search platforms: showrooming and price parity clauses," with Julian Wright (NUS).

first version: 2015, current version: 2017 PDF, online appendix: PDF.

3. "Horizontal mergers in the presence of vertical relationship," with Arghya Ghosh (UNSW) and Hodaka Morita (UNSW)

first version: 2o12, current version: 2016 PDF.

publications and forthcomings:

1. "A search model of rental markets: who should pay the commission?," with Andras Niedermayer (Mannheim)

International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 58, pages 214-235, 2018, PDF.

2. "Advertising as a search deterrent".

Rand Journal of Economics, Vol. 48, pages 949-971,2017, PDF.

chapter 1 of Ph.D. dissertation.

3. "Strategic advertising and directed search," with Pedro Gomis-Porqueras (Deakin) and Benoit Julien (UNSW)

International Economic Review, vol. 58(3), pages 783-806, 2017, PDF.

chapter 2 of Ph.D. dissertation.

4. "Non-monotonic group-size effect in repeated provision of public goods," with Galina Zudenkova (Mannheim)

European Economic Review, vol. 89, pages 116-128, 2016, PDF.

5. "Optimal monetary and fiscal policies in a search-theoretical model with money and unemployment," with Pedro Gomis-Porqueras (Deakin) and Benoit Julien (UNSW).

Macroeconomic Dynamics, vol. 17(06), pages 1330-1354, September, 2013, PDF.

chapter 3 of Ph.D. dissertation. Mentioned in NPE-DGE blog.

6. "Industrial upgrade, employment shock and land centralization in China," with Shunfeng Song (UNR) and Jianghuai Zheng (NJU).

Contemporary Economic Policy, vol. 30(4), pages 523-532, October, 2012, PDF.

This article is based on a term paper that I wrote during my M.Ec study in Nanjing University.