2017 Spring

Internet Economics (undergraduate level, lecture)

Lecture time: Friday

Office hour: by appointment.

Exam date: TBA

I post preliminary version of slides before class, which will be sufficient for you to preview, and I will upload the final slides soon after class.

  • Introduction
  • Lecture 1 Platform markets I: network effect
  • Lecture 2 Platform markets II: intermediaries
  • Lecture 3 Platform markets III: two-sided markets
  • Lecture 4 Consumer search
  • Lecture 5 Pricing in search markets
  • Lecture 6 Generalized second price auctions
  • Lecture 7 Search engines I: quality of search pool
  • Lecture 8 Search engines II: search bias
  • Lecture 9 Comparison sites
  • Lecture 10 Targeted advertising
  • Lecture 11 Consumer privacy
  • Lecture 12 TBA (reputation system, crowdfunding, etc)

To refresh your memory of basic knowledge of industrial organization and game theory, go to Nicolas Schutz's IO course page

If you are interested in learning more about consumer-search models, have a look of Glen Ellison and Sarah Ellison's online lecture video

Internet economics (master level, block seminar)
reading list [pdf]