2017 Spring

Internet Economics (undergraduate level, lecture)

Lecture time: Friday

Office hour: by appointment.

Exam date: TBA

I post preliminary version of slides before class, which will be sufficient for you to preview, and I will upload the final slides soon after class.

Introduction [slides]

Lecture 1 Platform markets I: network effect [slides]
Lecture 2 Platform markets II: intermediaries [slides]
Lecture 3 Platform markets III: two-sided markets [slides]
Lecture 4 Consumer search [slides]
Lecture 5 Pricing in search markets [slides]
Lecture 6 Generalized second price auctions [slides]
Lecture 7 Search engines I: quality of search pool [slides]
Lecture 8 Search engines II: search bias [slides]
Lecture 9 Comparison sites [slides]
Lecture 10 Targeted advertising [slides]
Lecture 11 Consumer privacy [slides]
Lecture 12 TBA (reputation system, crowdfunding, etc)

Problem set 1 [pdf] [solution]
Problem set 2 [pdf] [solution]
Problem set 3 [pdf] [solution]
Problem set 4 [pdf] [solution]

To refresh your memory of basic knowledge of industrial organization and game theory, go to Nicolas Schutz's IO course page

If you are interested in learning more about consumer-search models, have a look of Glen Ellison and Sarah Ellison's online lecture video

Internet economics (master level, block seminar)
reading list [pdf]