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About us

The Chelsea Community Forum is a local, non-partisan discussion group, meeting monthly in the City of Chelsea, Michigan.  The vision of this forum is to provide an open and courteous environment where neighbors can share information on important local issues.

All are welcome, but the focus of the discussions is expected to be on topics of interest to residents of the northwestern portion of Washtenaw County roughly corresponding to the Chelsea School District (see map at right).

The group is generally modeled on the Dexter Forum discussion group,  hosted by John Hanson and Karl Fink.   We are co-monitored by Pam Byrnes, former Michigan Representative, and Rod Anderson, former Chelsea City Councilman.  

The content for each meeting of the Forum is entirely determined by the attendees;  no advance agenda will be published.  The first order of business will be to solicit topics from the attendees. Typically, these will be of two types:
  1. Topics of general interest, usually limited to 15 minutes each.  The goal of these discussions is to share information rather than persuasion and are strictly non-partisan.
  2. Solicitations of various kinds, limited to 5 minutes. 

We meet in the McKune Room of the Chelsea District Library in downtown Chelsea.

Meeting Place: McKune Room, Chelsea District Library

Rod Anderson (Link to other web sites:  Rod's Web Sites)