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Chase Meadow Best Dressed Christmas House Competition!
Winning house gets a treat hamper.  

See photo for last year's winner.  To enter let us know your address.
Chase Meadow Meet and Walk Group 
Every Tuesday, 11.00-12.00 - 
Leaving from Chase Meadow Community Centre. Finish at the Community Centre where there is the opportunity to have a drink and chat.
Every Tuesday, 7.00-8.00 pm -
Leaving from the Unicorn pub

The walks are suitable for all ages and abilities.  Children and buggies are welcome.
Every Tuesday:
11-12 from the Community Centre
7-8 from the Unicorn

We look forward to seeing you!
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Traveller Issues
Refer to this link where you will find the notes of a public meeting held in August 2017, which answers most questions on traveller issues.  For  further questions please contact us via and we will do our best to get answers to you. 

Contacts for Traveller Issues: 
Warwickshire Police - Gypsy Traveller Liaison Officer
Police - phone 101
John Holland - Warwick West County Councillor
Martyn Ashford - Warwick District Councillor - Aylesford Ward
Noel Butler - Warwick District Councillor - Aylesford Ward
Matt Western - MP
January 2019 - Adoption of Roads on Chase Meadow
Residents will no doubt be aware that the vast majority of the roads on Chase Meadow have not yet been adopted by Warwickshire County Council Highways. For a list of adopted/ unadopted roads click here
This month we heard some good news. The final legal document holding up adoption by the County of roads currently owned by Taylor Wimpey has now been executed. TW advise that they have met the consultant to plan the logistics of the adoption of their phases. Assuming there are no more hold ups, TW are planning to start works this February with the aim to have all phases adopted by the end of this year.  CMRA appreciates that we’ve heard that before but we are optimistic that this time adoption will be achieved. There are a few roads which do not come under TW auspices and CMRA will establish what the plans are for those. 

Public Open Spaces
Tapping Way - The park area off Tapping Way has not yet been adopted and is still owned by Taylor Wimpey. TW still need to bring it up to a standard by which Warwick District Council, who are responsible for public open spaces (as opposed to roads), can adopt it. We understand that work will be underway in the new financial year (from April 19) so we can hope that this area too will soon be adopted.  WDC have advised that once adopted the park will be named “Centenary Park” in recognition of 100 years since the founding of the RAF and that in World War II the area was “RAF Warwick”, a pilot training school and relief landing ground, opened in 1941 and closed in 1946.

Lake Area adjacent to Purser Drive and Narrow Hall Meadow (officially called “Goggbridge Farm”)
About 60% of the park area is already adopted by Warwick District Council. A gravel path around the lake will be installed by WDC this year. In addition CMRA asked WDC to install a bench beside the “beach” adjacent to the play area so that residents can enjoy watching the wildlife. This request has exceeded our expectations as WDC have agreed to install 3 reconditioned benches, formerly on Victoria Park. WDC will not require any contribution from CMRA. The remainder of the park is still owned by Bellway and they will offer it for adoption by WDC in due course. The small circular balance pond opposite the Unicorn is required to limit rainwater outflow from Chase Meadow into the River Avon, to prevent flooding after heavy rain. Residents will see that work was being done last year to enlarge the pond and lessen the steepness of the sides. That reshaping has been completed now. Bellway advise that their contractor, Shines, will be installing tree and shrub planting in the next few weeks, then seeding in April (or earlier if the weather warms up enough) and then the marginal plants around the pond in May/June as instructed by WDC. WDC requires the fencing to be in place until the planting is complete. Time table for final adoption is not yet known. 

Street Lights 
There are still many street light out across Chase Meadow. We have identified 40 already. CMRA recognises that residents will not necessarily know who to contact to report outages, particularly since some roads are adopted by WCC Highways, some currently remain with the developers mainly Taylor Wimpey and some public footpaths/cycleways on Chase Meadow are the responsibility of Warwick District Council.  CMRA, who are generally aware of which body is responsible, are happy to report such outages on behalf of residents. If you wish to report a failed streetlight please email CMRA at and leave it to us. We have already reported the 40 which are mainly on Taylor Wimpey roads.  
Update on Buses
Margot Rowdon ,CMRA committee member met John Holland, County Councillor on Monday 24 December and this is the information as we understand it. Please look at the Stagecoach website and/or contact if you need to check your bus or wish to comment to Midlands Stagecoach.

The changes are as follows...
The 30 minute service X17 will no longer go through Chase Meadow  but will stop at Warwick Bus Station.  It will be replaced by a new 15 bus route which will run hourly from Stratford and Wellesbourne and go through Chase Meadow along Purser Drive to Warwick Bus station and go to Leamington via the Tech Park and  Warwick Gates. Timetable on Stagecoach website
X18 from Stratford to Leamington which goes down Stratford Road will remain the same as far as we understand and is the quickest bus to Leamington. Timetable on Stagecoach website.
The 68 will be replaced by a new 16 bus route that will run every 2 hours apart from early morning  when it is more like one an hour. This new service is funded by Warwickshire CC as was the 68 bus, as it is non profit making route for Stagecoach. They would not provide a service without funding. PLease be aware that County Council funding is always at risk due to other funding demands, so the continuation of this reduced service is not assured. Timetable attached

Finalised Bus Services for January 2019 attached
Just for your information, Stagecoach only has to notify the County Council of changes , they do not have to consult. They did notify the Council in September that changes were coming. They were cutting the 68 route as the County funding for that was ending. The County Council have agreed to fund this reduced 16 bus service. At the last County Council meeting, the first since the new timetables were published there was a vote, initiated by Councillor John Holland,  asking for the cuts to be reconsidered. The vote was carried so there will be further discussion we understand. There is a meeting at 2pm on Wednesday 16 January at Shire Hall when the Stagecoach Midlands Manager  will answer questions from the County Scrutiny Committee. Members of the public can also attend and ask to speak  for a maximum of 3 minutes . It does help the Councillors if members of the public have their say, so if you feel strongly and are able to come you need to notify the Council by 10 January of your wish to speak.

Just for information, please note that Chiltern Railways will not agree to all trains stopping at Warwick to give more travel options. This is because each stop takes 6 minutes as the train has to slow down, stop and get up speed again. They don't want to put extra journey time on these trains.

Please go to Stagecoach website for more information and to check your travel details
Concerned about speeding on Chase Meadow?

If you are concerned about speeding cars on Chase Meadow let the Police know of any specific incidents/patterns, with the date/time and details of the vehicle.  Contact the Police by phone on 101 or email

Report Dangerous Driving
Report dangerous driving where you have digital footage via a dashcam, etc at

Help Slow Cars Down
Where possible, help slow cars down on Chase Meadow by parking your car on the road rather than partly on the pavement. This creates a natural chicane which slows the traffic down.

Avoid theft from cars
Avoid theft from your car by checking you have locked the doors, remove all valuables.  Thieves are trying doors of cars to try their luck.  
Report Anti Social Behaviour
To report anti social behaviour that is in action and is causing a threat, harm or risk phone 999. Otherwise phone 101 or email
Longbridge Island 

CMRA and Cllr John Holland have been contacted about the difficulties in access to Longiridge Island when coming from Warwick. Some people believe that drivers shooting the red lights are part of the cause.  It has been suggested that at the next Warwick Town Community Forum the matter is put on the list of Police priorities. (Residents can vote on line for Police Priorities. They hope to get the poll running by 1st February. )

It has to be said that the Police believe that Longbridge Island is is a matter for Highways England and the Traffic Police and not a Community Police matter. However if residents feel strongly about the situation at Longbirdge Island they can either attend the Community Forum meeting which is to be held on Thursday 8 March 2018 at 6pm for 6.30pm start at Emscote Infants School, All Saints Road, Warwick, CV34 5NH or vote on line. Details to be advised.

Response from Highways England
The following is a reply from Adrian Johnson of Highways England  to an enquiry by a resident concerning the traffic problem experienced at Longbridge Island. 

“ Thank you for your email earlier today about the traffic entering the Longbridge roundabout from the A429.  Firstly I must also apologise for the length of time it has taken for us to get back to the local community concerning this. 
It may help if I can explain what measures are currently in place to assist traffic entering the Longbridge roundabout. The approach from the A429 has a detector to identify queuing traffic, and the signals at the preceding controlled junction, on the A46 approach to the roundabout, are influenced by this detector. When queueing traffic is identified, the signals are influenced to create a larger gap to allow the traffic on the A429 Warwick approach to enter the roundabout. This is referred to as an extended all red or inter-green period.
We have inspected the traffic signal sequence at the A46 approach to the roundabout on 8 January 2018. I can confirm that the traffic signals are functioning as intended and signalling an extended inter-green period. This creates a larger gap for traffic to join the roundabout from the A429 approach. 
We are aware that when traffic is using the roundabout to access the M40 southbound and the A429 to Cirencester, this reduces the opportunities for the A429 traffic from Warwick to join the roundabout, despite the extended inter-green period. In addition, during the inspection of the signals some problems with driver compliance were identified. As drivers cannot see the reason for the extended gap, they may progress on amber. This again reduces the opportunity for the traffic on the A429, particularly during peak times. 
The main problem for road users on the A429 is the lack of circulatory carriageway space to enter the roundabout. Our service provider Kier Highways have been consulted, and they have advised that changes to the signal timings to extend the inter-green period would be unlikely to provide any benefit as the congestion on the carriageway would still be present.
The effect of introducing additional traffic signals on the A429 approach could cause additional congestion on the roundabout, as additional signals can limit the movement of traffic. Further study and traffic modelling would be required to investigate the overall impact of additional signals. We must ensure the best use of public funds when prioritising major improvement schemes. At this time the installation of traffic signals on the A429 is not being taken forward for further study. 
One of the long term priorities in the future roads investment period will be to safely improve regional congestion hotspots. Unfortunately it is not possible to address all the requirements of the strategic road network in the short term.  However, we will complete a review of the existing junction to assess whether there are any small scale modifications which can be undertaken, to relieve the situation on the circulatory carriageway.
I appreciate this wasn’t the outcome you wanted, however we do value your feedback. If you feel there are any other areas or issues we should be aware of, then please do not hesitate to contact us again. You can contact us via email or by telephone on 0300 123 5000.
Anti-social Behaviour
If you see anti-social behaviour please report to 101.  The more that residents report incidents the more evidence there is of a problem and we will get better support from the police, etc.  
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