Lighthouse Models

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 Crooked River Lighthouse:

For just shy of 100 years the Crooked River Lighthouse stood as a beacon, guiding timber ships as well as local fishermen and oyster-men through the treacherous pass between Dog and St. George Islands, along Florida's Panhandle.

Built in 1895, this iron and steel structure replaced the lighthouse on Dog Island, which was destroyed by a hurricane in 1873.

I constructed this 25" scale model from scratch in 2008. It is made mainly from brass tubing.  It has a working, mechanically rotating light.  It is the hardest lighthouse model I have done.

 Crooked River Lighthouse(Large):

This is a 7 foot model of the Crooked River Lighthouse, built from scratch, in 2012 using 1/2" PVC pipe and other plastic materials..  It has a mechanically rotating light.

Ponce DeLeon Inlet Lighthouse:

Completed in 1887, the 175 foot tall structure was built of over 1.25 million red bricks shipped from Baltimore, Maryland.

Designed by Francis Hopkinson Smith, a noted writer and engineer, it was declared by lighthouse inspectors to be "the most beautiful and best proportioned tower in the district."

The Lighthouse is still in use today as a working Lighthouse and Museum. It is located south of Daytona Beach, Florida.

I designed and completed this 1:80 scale model in 2001. It has a Microprocessor controlled, simulated rotating light.

 Boston Lighthouse:

Boston Light, called the "ideal American lighthouse" by historian Edward Rowe Snow, holds an honored place among American beacons. It was the first lighthouse built in North America, and the last to be automated (in 1998).

The first keeper, George Worthylake, illuminated the tower for the first time on September 14, 1716.

It is located on Little Brewster Island, Massachusetts.

This scale model was completed by myself in 2006 and features a working, mechanically rotating light..

Rocky Point Lighthouse:

 This display is based on a kit by Walters and is reminiscent of lighthouses built along North American waterfronts.

I added a Rotating light source, matching garage, a young man pushing an old-time lawn mower, lighthouse keeper, landscaping, and a 1965 Chevy step side pickup truck.  I completed this display in 2020.

La Herradura Lighthouse:


The La Herradura Lighthouse is situated on an old watchtower, known as Punta de la Mona, in Granada, Spain.

This tower was built in the 1500’s, during the reign of Felipe II. It was part of a complex surveillance network of towers, that communicated through smoke signals.  It was converted to a lighthouse in 1989.


I constructed this model, stone by stone (15,0487 of them) in 2017.  It has a working rotating light source.

Derby Wharf Light Station

Derby Wharf Light Station was constructed in 1871 at the end of Derby Wharf, in Salem, Massachusetts. The 14-foot tall, 12-foot-wide square brick tower is topped with a fifth-order lantern painted black. It was first lit in January 1871. Because of its close proximity to Salem, Derby Wharf Light always had a caretaker instead of a resident keeper.

This model was designed by Oscar Ballesteros, and his 3d prints are available at:

I enlarged the model by 150% since I printed it with a filament printer versus a Resin Printer.  I completed this model in 2023

Like all my other lighthouse models (with the exception of the 7-foot crooked river lighthouse) this model is powered by a battery such that no cables are needed.  This allows it to be easily displayed anywhere without wires showing.  To prevent my models from draining the batteries, I have a processor controlled shut off after 20 -30 minutes.

Ristna Lighthouse

Ristna Lighthouse is located in Ristna Point, Kõpu Peninsula, on the island of Hiiumaa in Estonia.

The lighthouse was built in 1874, as a result of constant fogs and drifting sea ice. The iron metal structure of the lighthouse was designed by Gustave Eiffel (of Eiffel tower fame) and built in his factory in 1874. 

The lighthouse was damaged during World War 1 and the support structures were cast in concrete for stability in 1920.

This lighthouse has two lights, white for navigation and red to warn when there are ice burgs present.

This model was designed by Oscar Ballesteros, and his 3d prints are available at:

I built this model in 2023.  It has working lights and auto shut off.

Ponce DeLeon Inlet Lighthouse

3D printed model with rotating light source, using wireless LED technology


This is my second model of the Ponce inlet lighthouse.  This model was designed by Oscar Ballesteros, and his 3d prints are available at: 

Those files do not include the wireless rotating light source