Electric Car / Ship Models

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Electric Car

This Electric car started its life in 1982 when I built it for my son and daughter to drive around (see blue car below).

From 2005 to 2007 I refurbished and refined it.  The body is all wood including the fenders.

It has working lights, horn, stereo with bass tube, and it can be remote controlled or driven by a child.

This car was featured in a Craftsman tool flyer, and was runner up in a Popular Mechanics magazine's design contest.

This is a picture of the car with my precious granddaughter, Charley in the drivers seat.  The pictures below show the some of the construction. process.  The blue car is its original construction which was very crude in comparison.

Static Ship Models:

JS Elcano:

Launched in 1927, the 4-masted schooner J.S. Elcano served as a training ship for Spanish cadets, with a crew of 36 officers, 143 sailor trainees and 70 Marines. With her sails adjusted, she was capable of reaching a top speed of 15 knots, and in 1964 she participated in the great 3600-mile race from Lisbon to Hamilton.

I constructed this 1/110 scale model of the J.S. Elcano in 1999.

USCG Barque Eagle:

This magnificent ship was built as a training vessel for the German Navy in 1936, and was awarded to the United States as reparations following World War II. On May 15, 1946, she was commissioned into the US Coast Guard service as Eagle and sailed from Bremerhaven, Germany to New London.

I constructed this 1/185 scale static display model in 2002.

HMS Bounty:

This was one of the first models I did as an adult.  It was my first display case construction.

Working Ship Models

I have built a number of RC ship models over the years.  These are my favorites.

USS Crockett:

The USS Crockett was one of the first boats powered by a gas turbine engine.  She can accelerate from 0 to 40 knots in 60 seconds, with a top speed of 50 knots.

Her armaments include a 50 caliber rapid fire gun, 40mm Bofars anti-aircraft gun, and two twin .50 caliber machine guns.  She was commission in 1969 and saw service in South Vietnam.

I constructed this model in 1989.  It is a working radio controlled model ship to a scale of 1:39.  It features working electric engines, rudder, horns, lights, rotating turrets, and the front gun fires.  It has a miniature WiFi video camera, giving a captains eye view.


The Wotan Herring Lugger was typical of the German herring fishing fleet between 1950 and 1960. She was 138 feet long with a beam of 25 feet, and was built by the shipyard of Shulte and Brum of Emden, Germany.

I built this model in 1985.  It is a radio controlled model to a true scale of 1:50.   It features working rudder, engine, lights and horns. It has a miniature WiFi video camera, giving a captains eye view.



The Fantail Launch II is a working model of an open steam launch, with characteristics of the small yachts used at the turn of the century. Boats of this type were used for excursion rides on lakes and ponds.

I constructed this model in 1993 based on a kit by Midwest Products. It is a radio controlled model powered by a sterno fired boiler and steam engine.


The PT boat was one of the smallest and deadliest boats of Wold War II.  These sleek boats would motor under the cover of night and torpedo enemy shipping.  Top speed of the 77 foot boat was in excess of 40 knots.

I built this model in 1992.  It features working dual engines, rudders, and lights.

US Coast Guard Cutter 44329:

This 1:40 scale model of a coast guard cutter was built in 1994.  I included working lights, Radio controlled motor and rudder

Nantucket Lightship

For 39 years, Nantucket Lightship / LV-112 guided transoceanic shipping to and from U.S. east coast ports, through some of the most treacherous shipping lanes in the world. She was the first symbol of America encountered by thousands of immigrants. Many famous vessels such as the SS United States, the Queen Mary, Normandie and naval cargo vessels depended on her as a navigational aid.

 I built his 1/95 scale model in 2017

Titanic Foam Puzzle

Easy to assemble (display case was a challenge )