Music and Lyrics by Harold Arlen & E. Y. Harburg 

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Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition and be a part of this process. We saw so many talented people and casting here at Chaminade is never easy. We look forward to seeing you all at Tech Sign Ups as well, on Thursday, January 10, 2019 in the Tutor Amphitheatre after school. 

First read thru will be on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 on the Tutor Center Stage at 2: 30 pm.

Looking forward!



Rachel Albrecht


Jater Webb


 Jack Rumack

Zeke/ Cowardly Lion

Sean McCarthy

Professor Marvel/Wizard

Mack Balleweg

Almira Gulch/ Wicked Witch

Carly Condon

Aunt Em/Glinda

Chloe Johnson

Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard

 Ethan Diaz

Emerald City Guard/ Ensemble

Garrett Hill

General of the Winkies/Guard/Ensemble

Carter Skyers

Mayor of Munchkinland/ Ensemble

Maggie Shaughnessy


Bella Spagnoli

Barristers of Munchkinland/Ensemble

Josh Callis, Sacha Callis


Ensemble consists of:

(Munchkins, Ozians, Trees, Crows, Winkies, Flying Monkeys, Poppies, Jitterbugs & Tornados)


Ensemble Males

Kelan Martinez, Chris Harmon, Nick Amenta-Shin, Xayvion Perkins, Michael Gonzales, Julian Friedman, Sean Harmon, Matthew Talley, Sawyer Brown, Brendan Teehan


Ensemble Females

Tahlia Richards, Nella Batah,  Madison Hayes, Sol Martinelli, , Izzy Romero, Riley Way,  Katie Coiteux, Sophia Nations, Jade Edwards, Zoe Shyngle, Denise Enrique, Emile Besnilian, Callie Kananen, Hannah Hayes, Violet Josephson

Childrens Ensemble

Oliver Sedik, Sophia Sedik, Ruairi Devlin,  Henry Steiner, Kylee Williamson


Understudies to be announced…

 Director: Yvette L. Bishop

Music Director: Dan Redfeld

Choreographer: Bill Burns

Assistant Choreographer: Amanda Carr

Set Designer/ Lighting Designer: Jeff McLaughlin

Scenic Artist: Lacey Anzelc