Services Provided:

No referral is required for our services.  If you are in need of assistance, please call our office at 919-330-4367 or [Email Us] for a confidential assessment.  Friends or family concerned about a loved one may also call our office and we will be happy to discuss treatment options (As allowed by HIPAA guidelines).

We currently provide the following services:

o   Comprehensive Clinical Assessments - These assessments are used as a means to determine appropriate treatment.

o   Medication Management - Includes prescribing, monitoring, and providing education for self- administration, dosages, benefits and possible side effects of your medications.

o   Therapy - Psychological therapy sessions available in a quiet and relaxed setting.  Therapy is available for children and adults. Please see a list of our Therapist's specialties HERE.

o   Substance Abuse Counseling - Help with drug, narcotic and other substance abuse and addiction problems. Counseling services are available in the office or client's home.

o   Peer Support Services- Provided by an individual who has self-identified as an individual who is in recovery from mental illness or substance abuse issues and is committed to his or her own recovery.

o   Supported Employment (SE) - This program and Long Term Vocational Supports are an integrated part of the assistance provided to help adults with significant mental health or substance abuse impairments to promptly retain, or regain, and maintain employment in mainstream, competitive  positions.  Our online brochure is available HERE. For more details about Supported Employment please click HEREThis is a free service to qualified individuals.

o   Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT).  This program is designed to help people stay out of the hospital and to develop skills for living in the community, so that their mental illness is not the driving force in their lives.  Assertive community treatment offers services that are customized to the individual needs of the consumer, delivered by a team of practitioners, and available 24 hours a day.  For more details on ACTT please click HEREThis is a free service to qualified individuals.

o  Other Enhanced Benefit Services - Evidence Based Practices: For individuals receiving the following service.

  1. Illness Management and Recovery - Strongly emphasizes helping people to set and pursue personal goals and to implement action strategies in their everyday lives.
  2. Family Psycho-education - Involves a partnership among consumers, families and supporters, and practitioners.

We have an extensive network of doctors, clinicians, counselors, therapists, churches, volunteers and businesses available to help provide for your needs.  If the services listed do not meet your needs, we will be happy to assist you with a referral to the appropriate agency.