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13. The Seven Churches

This series of messages is a collection of four speeches given by Rev Andrew Lanning in the CK-CKS Camp 2015. The theme of the camp was "Hear What The Spirit Saith Unto The Churches". The rest of the three messages were recorded in the CK-CKS workshop in 2016 as a continuation of the church camp theme for Rev Lanning to speak on what Jesus said to the seven churches in the book of Revelation.

No.Date Title Bible Text Download or Listen
 1 16 Dec 2015 Ephesus: Thou Hast Left Thy First LoveN.A.Click Here
 2 17 Dec 2015 Smyrna: Thou Shalt SufferN.A.Click Here
 3 17 Dec 2015  Pergamos: Thou Hast The Doctrine of BalaamN.A.Click Here
 4 18 Dec 2015 Thyatira: Thou Sufferest That Woman JezebelN.A.Click Here
 5 23 Jan 2016 Sardis: Thou Art Dead Rev 3:1-6 Click Here
 6 06 Feb 2016 Philadelphia: Thou Hast An Open DoorRev 3:7-13 Technical Fault
 7 05 Mar 2016  Laodicea: Thou Art LukewarmRev 3:14-22 Click Here