In The Community

Mission of reason has several volunteer and charity efforts:

Sacred Stone Camp
December 11,2016
by Erik Moore
CfaRS donated to the Sacred Stone Camp at  to support their effort to sustain a place at the negotiating table for what happens to their land.  CfaRS supports an inclusive and informed discourse as we decide as a society how to treat each other humanely and what risks we should be taking with our natural resources in the face of the economic and technological drivers that have led our society to this point of contention.

Syrian Refugee Humanitarian Aid, Mercy Corps
October 16, 2016
by Erik Moore
CFARS has donated again to provide relief for the Syrian refugee crisis.  This ongoing humanitarian effort has not come to a quick end, and further relief is necessary.  If you would like to donate directly in support of this particular effort, we recommend the Mercy Corps site for the Syrian refugee crisis

Planned Parenthood
December 3, 2015
by Erik Moore
CfaRS has just donated to Planned Parenthood, an organization that supports evidence-based medicine along with scientific information and alternatives for women regarding reproductive health.  This organization stands strong in the face of ideologically-drive  attacks, blatant lies, and campaigns of demonization as it empowers women to take their lives and their choices into their own hands. You can learn more about them on their website:

Nepalese Post-Earthquake Reconstruction
October 19, 2015
by Erik Moore
CFARS has just donated to Dad's Gift, an organization that supports the ongoing relief effort helping Nepalese communities and families reconstruct after the recent earthquake.  This particular organization has local contacts in Nepal.  You can learn more about them on their website: 

Syrian Refugee Humanitarian Aid, Mercy Corps
September 19, 2015
by Erik Moore
CFARS has just donated to the Syrian refugees to assist with their journey to safety.  We used Mercy Corp, our primary conduit for international aid efforts.  Please consider making independent company personal donations directly through Mercy Corp.  There are several major humanitarian crises going on in the world right now, and donations can save lives.  CFARS also gave not long ago to the Nepal Earthquake relief effort through Mercy Corp.

Fort Carson Colorado, Library Program
by Erik Moore
CFARS is promoting a cultural literacy program using DVDs from The Great Courses in Fort Carson, Colorado.  This supports those who serve in the military and their families with college lectures on a variety of core topics like philosophy, history, mathematics, art history, science, and other key areas.


CFARS Responds to Japanese Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster
Earthquake Disaster
by Erik Moore
CFARS has members and family in Japan, so the Fukushima earthquake felt close to home.  We responded with donations through Mercy Corp, which was coordinating with relief efforts on the ground.

CFARS Responds to Peruvian 
Earthquake Disaster
August 27, 2007
by Erik Moore
After hearing about the devastation in Peru, CFARS has donated to UNICEF in order to help with the effort to reconstruct and provide assistance to people in this region. Members can check on what UNICEF is doing in Peru at the UNICEF news page and make suggestions for future donations.

Philippine Tragedy Strikes
December 7, 2006
by Erik Moore
The Center for a Reasoning Society members are watching the news, looking for situations where people need help around the world.   UNICEF, has been our primary conduit, and this time they're making a big difference, saving lives in the Philippines.  To make suggestions for donations, join CFARS and talk in our forum.

MOR Funds Helps UN out in the 
Horn of Africa and Darfur
July 3, 2006
by Erik Moore
Again, Center for a Reasoning Society is donating a significant portion of our yearly intake to communities in crisis.  Again, we're helping UNICEF, this time in Darfur where UNICEF is one of the few organizations that is able to sustain a presence in Darfur, and has an established presence in the horn of Africa helping out with the drought there.  For more information on these donations, please join and check out the info in our forum.